Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe? (Read Before Purchasing)

Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe

Everyone wants the very best security for any of the smart devices or technology. And smart locks are not an exception from this scenario. When it comes to replacing the traditional locks, it is usual to think are smart front door locks safe or not. I did a quick research on the topic and here’s what I know:

Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe? Smart front door locks are way safer than the traditional ones in terms of security as no one can easily hack or unlock the locks. Also, the auto-lock and entry log monitoring features keep them one step ahead of the traditional locks.    

Here, we will also draw a detailed comparison of the smart locks and traditional locks in terms of their security measurements and hacking-proof features. So, stick with us to decide on your reliable keys!

Smart Lock vs Traditional Lock (comparisons)

Before you get straight into the in-depth discussion, here is a comparison chart or table so that you can understand which locks are more secure:

Key PointsSmart LocksTraditional Locks
HackingDifficult to hack or unlock the door without a passcodeEasy to unlock even without keys
Auto-lockEasier to auto-lock the door even if you are awayYou cannot remotely lock the door
MonitorYou can monitor the entry logsYou cannot know who has accessed your door
Security levelAdvancedNot secured enough

Can Smart Front Door Locks Be Hacked?

No matter what wireless technology or device you use, there is always that fear of hacking or data breach with them. And that is the reason you might stress over whether you should install a front smart door lock or not. 

But you need to remember that just because smart locks are susceptible to hacking does not mean that anyone can easily hack them. Below we have discussed how your locks are safe from these possible hackings –

Password or Data Hijacking

We rely on our phones so much these days that we store all the information, including the smart locks passcodes on them. And that is what makes such locks vulnerable to hacking. 

But smart locks do not only provide convenience but also come with advanced technology that helps to prevent hacking. You need to be familiar with the ways or features that a smart lock offer to make it more secure.  

Before installing the lock, you should go through the FAQ section on the official website of your smart lock. Because you will find many solutions and tips from the developers to keep your locks safe from password hijacking. 

However, when a thief or hacker steals your phone, they can go through your cloud files or data to find the password you have synced. But most smart locks apps account give you the freedom to log out of all devices so that the hacker cannot find any saved data.  

You can use the smart lock app or sign in to the account from the official website to log out of all the devices to prevent password hacking. Also, you can wipe all the data from your phone through the Find My iPhone or Find My Device (for Android users) features. So, it will keep your smart locks secured from hackers. 

Bluetooth Sniffing 

It is not unusual for smart locks to use Bluetooth connectivity to make it easier for you to unlock or lock the smart locks. And there are advanced levels of hackers who try to gain access to the confidential information stored on your phone through Bluetooth sniffing. 

Not all hackers can get access to the smart locks code without advanced computer hardware. 

Also, as long as you use Bluetooth authentication with the highest encryption level, your smart locks are safe from Bluetooth sniffing. 

Wi-Fi Hacking

You might have heard of the Wi-Fi data breach. And as the smart locks use Wi-Fi connectivity, you might be confused over the security standards of your smart locks. But let us assure you that most hackers hijack public Wi-Fi with a lot of traffic. 

So, if you never use public Wi-Fi, it is difficult to hack your home network and misuse the smart locks’ data. 

Also, if you keep updating your smart hub device, it makes your Wi-Fi connection more secure. And it is better to keep changing your Wi-Fi password once in a while to keep your locks safe from any potential threat. 

Are Smart Locks More Secure than Key Locks?

Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe?

It is quite normal for you to doubt the security level of a smart lock when it comes to replacing your traditional key locks. But smart locks are way safer than key locks. Because anyone can open a key lock even if they do not have the keys to the lock. They can use bobby pins, gift cards, wrenches, and lock-picking techniques to unlock the door, but smart lock cannot be opened easily manually using bobby pins or gift card.

The worst part is that, when someone else or a thief unlocks the key locks, you will not even know if you are not at home. But with smart locks, you are not at that risk. Because even if the hackers or thieves become successful at unlocking the locks, you will get the notification through the smart lock’s app. And you can contact the police or ask for immediate help.  

Also, if you install smart locks, you can monitor the Log records from your phone. So, when you are away, the log records let you check who has accessed the front door. But with the key locks, you cannot get such a security feature.  

During a stressful day, it can skip your mind to lock the front door properly. And you cannot even confirm whether you have locked the lock keys or not. But when you have smart locks, you can enable the auto-lock feature and set a time so that the door locks itself every day after the same time. Even if you forget to lock the door, the auto-lock feature will be your savior. 

If someone steals the key of your front door key locks, they can easily break into your home. And there is nothing you can do to stop it. But when someone steals your phone or smart device to unlock the smart lock, you can wipe data or log out of devices to prevent such a scenario.  And all these features make the front door locks more secure and safer than the key locks. 

Pros and Cons of Smart Front Door Locks

Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe?

As a homeowner, it can really get confusing for you to decide which types of door locks to use. And to help you decide faster, you should carefully go through the pros and cons of smart door locks we have listed below: 

Pros of Smart Door Lock:

  • It is really difficult to hack the smart locks 
  • Smart locks have the feature to remotely lock or unlock the door even if you are away
  • Keeping a track of who has accessed the door is easier with a smart lock 
  • You can share codes with the people you want to give access to your home
  • Removing or changing the door passcodes or data is easier and faster for making your home burglar-proof

Cons of Smart Door Lock:

  • Installing the smart locks are a difficult task 
  • Smart locks are a bit expensive to install 
  • Smart locks batteries are hard to find and replace 

If you can compromise with the price and the difficult installation process, you should definitely prefer the smart locks. But if you are low on budget, you have to compromise with the security level of the traditional keys. 

Did I Answer Everything You Wants to Know About- Are Smart Front Door Locks Safe?

Traditional locks have been around the corner for ages. And the smart locks are of recent invention. So, you have every right to wonder: are smart front door locks safe in terms of reliability and security or not? 

Let us reassure you that they are totally safer. But make sure not to share vulnerable data. 

Even if the smart locks are expensive, they ensure better security. So, it is a good decision to compromise on the budget and install them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

1. Can Smart Front Door Locks Security Be Bricked?

It is a rare case if any smart lock feature starts acting up or the security measurements go into the brick mode. But if there is a bug in the smart lock software, only then some of the features can be bricked or become unusable.

2. Can You Easily Unlock the Smart Locks that Have Software Bugs?

No. You cannot easily unlock the smart locks that have software problems or bugs. But yes, you might face difficulty while unlocking such locks. However, once the manufacturers fix the bugs, you shall not face any issues. And if you keep a backup lock on your front door, it can be helpful in such scenarios. 

3. Is It Easier To Hack Smart Locks Through Voice Commands?

No, it is not easier to use voice commands to unlock your front door smart locks. If you enable the voice pin code, no one can unlock the door even if they know the proper voice commands. They will need to bypass the pin code.

4. What Happens if the Smart Locks Loses Power?

If the smart locks’ batteries die or lose power, the locks’ security features will not work. But your locks will give you a warning before it completely loses their power so that you can replace the batteries. 

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