How Do I Choose A Keyless Door Lock?

How Do I Choose A Keyless Door Lock?

There are different types of keyless door locks that come with different functionality and features. So, when choosing keyless door locks, you may easily get confused determining which type of keyless door locks will provide better security and access control.

How Do I Choose A Keyless Door Lock? Before choosing a keyless door lock, make sure it comes with the latest security technology (encryption system), is durable (made of aluminum or steel body), has a fingerprint or keypad access control system, and can be controlled from mobile devices via the internet. 

Many keyless lock models have limitation on how many fingerprints or security codes it can handle. So before considering buying one, make sure it fulfills your needs.

However, the concerning fact does not end here. To know more about choosing a keyless door lock, keep on reading. 

How Do I Choose A Keyless Door Lock? 9 Things You Should Consider!

Here I discussed almost every factor that should be taken into consideration before buying a keyless door lock. Let’s start: 

1.Low-Battery Indicator

Look for a keyless door lock with a low-battery indicator that informs you when the battery needs to be replaced. Some versions include visible warning lights; however others may have a longer response time or require numerous efforts to open the door. Low-battery indicator is a useful feature as it prevents you from getting locked out due to a dead battery. 

2.Look For Durability

The most important factor is durability. The locks will most likely be outside, making it vulnerable to weather and vandalism. Check if the lock is waterproof, coldproof, heat resistant, made of durable materials like steel or aluminum, and comes with a guarantee against vandalism damage.


Decide what integrations you’ll require: Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Wink, and SmartThings are popular ways to handle door locks with voice command. However, not all locks come with integration features, so make sure the locks support it if you need them. Also, think about if the lock must be part of a security system that includes cameras, alarms, and other devices. 

4. Price 

The cost of a keyless electronic door lock is determined by the lock’s functionality, features, installation, connectivity, and associated equipment and the number of locks you’re buying. A standard keyless locks models can cost from $125 to $299, depending on quality & functionality.

5.Right Protocol; Bluetooth, WIFI, or Z-wave

If you wan to connect keyless door lock with smart home system, make sure it support right protocol ( Bluetooth, WIFI or Z-wave). The smart lock must be able to interact with the rest of your smart home system and your smartphone. The majority of devices will communicate via one of three standard protocols: Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi.

6.Remote Access Control 

You’ll need a keyless lock that can lock or unlock your door with remote control. 

You can either pick a short-range remote-controlled deadbolt lock like the E-Digital E-910R or enroll your electronic keyless lock in the BeHome247 Home Automation System and operate it from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. 

7.Compatibility With The Door 

Smart door locks come in a variety of styles. So, you’ll need to apprise yourself of the various smart lock options and their performance before picking which one is best for you and your needs. 

So, before purchasing a smart lock, you should acquaint yourself with the various types of smart locks available and how they operate. 

8.Physical Key Options

A real key should always be available to unlock the door, regardless of the accessibility choices available on the lock. The door lock may malfunction, refuse to recognize your passcode or fingerprint, or the battery may die.

In such situations, you should always have a backup key on hand that’ll allow you to enter your home. 


Although smart locks offer a variety of simple ways to get access to your home without a key, they all rely on technology. As a result, the lifespan of a smart lock is impossible to predict. These locks also withstand extreme outdoor conditions. 

So, it’s critical to inspect the lock’s construction quality and the warranty. Because keyless door locks are more expensive than traditional ones, you should choose one from a reputable brand with a one-year or longer warranty. 

Why You Need Keyless Door Locks?

We must need door locks for safety. These days, most people prefer to buy keyless door locks with cutting edge technology. But have you ever wondered why specifically you need keyless door locks? Here are four reasons :

Convenience: It’s as simple as creating a code or entering their information into the system to let a new team member inside the building. When a staff member goes, you don’t need to make a key or replace the locks. You won’t have to worry about having someone open and close your facility daily. 

Security: Keyless door locks give you more control over who has access to certain portions of your facility, such as the main entrance or restricted areas across the workplace. Who’s coming in and going out, you can easily catch it through this. 

Integration with access control: You can configure keyless door locks only to allow particular personnel in and out at specified times of day, such as during regular working hours. 

Longer lasting: Regular door locks are worn down by twisting and metal on metal. Keyless door locks are not subjected to the same amount of abuse. 

How Does It Actually Work?

Keyless door locks are a type of smart lock that uses a digital set of keys to enable entry. They’re designed to provide homeowners more control over their houses. Investing in high-quality keyless door locks eliminates the need to carry a home key, offers greater access control to residents without needing a spare key, and removes the risk of losing it. 

Because keyless locks were developed for automobiles with remote entry systems, their operating mechanics are quite similar. You’ll need a keyless entry to unlock your door. This access can be specified in various ways, including by entering a code into the keypad (located on the door lock), scanning an access card, scanning a fingerprint, or using a remote control. Some keyless door locks may also be accessed using specific smartphone apps. 

Downside Of Keyless Door Locks 

Despite providing numerous conveniences, keyless door locks have some disadvantages as well. For your betterment, let us go through the points:

Predictable Passwords Can Be Hacked

If you have a similar password everywhere, suppose of your bank account, it is likely to get hacked if anyone remembers. Also, tech experts can guess your lock by tricking you. Rare chances may be, if someone passes by you while you type your passcode, they may copy it somewhere to get access to your room.

Tip: Set a tough to guess keylock passcode. Avoid setting passcode such as ‘1234’ in digital age.


A standard deadbolt costs between $20 and $50, while a keyless lock may cost anywhere from $150 to $250, not to mention the installation charges. You must also make sure that the direction of the keyless lock matches the orientation of your door, as some only lock left or right. 

Security Is Not Guaranteed

Most people believe that a keyless door lock provides more protection, but an adept thief may still get access to your house in various ways. They can either pick the keyless lock or break in through a window to do this. 

So, check the security ratings of your lock alternatives to discover whether keyless locks have a greater chance of failure than a traditional deadbolt. The highest rating is grade 1, often used for commercial and industrial structures. 

Final Words 

It’s all about adding a little convenience to your everyday life with smart locks. Keyless locks make it simple to enter your home if you’re sometimes unable to reach out to a key. They can also prevent you from having to make a new key for a new roommate or dash home on your lunch break to let a service expert inside your house.

So, if you were one of them who asked how do I choose a keyless door lock, we hope you already know the answer. So, don’t go buying a keyless door lock before studying them thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you look for in a smart lock? A smart lock must be able to connect with your other smart home devices as well as your phone. The majority of devices will communicate via one of three standard protocols: Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth are all viable options for wireless connectivity. Before making a purchase, be sure you understand the differences between each product’s pros and cons.

Will it be worth buying a keyless lock? A few have the potential to be worthwhile investments in the future. You’ll be less likely to leave a key under a doormat if you lock your doors every time you leave the house with a keyless lock. In this case, keyless door locks are well worth the investment. 

What door lock is the most secure? The most secure sort of key lock is a deadbolt door lock, which is typically installed on a home’s external door. This type of lock is often put on a home’s outside door to provide the maximum security. There are single- and double-cylinder deadbolts. In terms of strength, these can be categorized as Grades 1 through 3. The highest grade is Grade 1, which gives the maximum security. 

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