How to Crack a 4 Digit Combination Padlock? Method Explained

How to Crack a 4 Digit Combination Padlock

Forgetting the combination padlock’s passcode is not strange. It can happen with any user, but they cannot stop using the robust lock for this trouble. A 4-digit padlock falls under the potent lock category, so how to crack a 4 digit combination padlock can be a common question for you!

Manufacturer uses sturdy lock mechanism inside the padlock’s, and a valid code can unlock the system. The wheel combination depends on the digits; so without memorizing the passcode, following the wheel resistance, it’s possible to crack the lock. 

For your convenience, we will talk more about opening a 4-digit master lock, setting the lock, and so on. Stick with us!

How Do You Open a Combination Padlock Lock If You Forgot the Code?

If you can’t recall the combination padlock’s code, then don’t assume that you cannot unlock the padlock. There are multiple ways to crack the code, though the steps are tricky, and you need precise patience. If you follow the guidelines correctly, you don’t need to pursue help from a skillful person. 

Before starting the process, take a colorful scotch tape, note that you cannot use a transparent one as it will make the shackle movement invisible. Now fix the tape on the shank and 3 centimeters above the locking bar. You have to keep this gap; otherwise, you won’t be able to notice the movement. 

This step is not mandatory, but it will make the process easier and can give you a faster accurate result, and you have to start from the first wheel.

  • Move the first wheel clockwise while turning it to the right, carefully try to feel at which number the wheel becomes most flexible; with the flexibility, the shank moves a bit. If you find it, that’s the first number.
  • Now apply this method to the rest three digits. The detection procedure will be exact.
  • While doing it, you must keep the number in the middle; otherwise, the final step will not work.
  • After the entire method, pull the shank firmly, and it will open up.

Note that this process will definitely work, but if you are unable to do it, talk to the manufacturer, and only they can help you now. 

However, if you have mortise lock and you forget the key, you can read my another article where I explain about opening a mortise lock with out key.

How to Unlock a Combination Padlock without the Code?

The combination padlock’s body parts are divided into three parts, Shackle the U-shape of metal, the dial wheel, which is round shape, and the others are the body.

There are two ways to unlock the combination padlock without the code –

1.Serial Number

Most of the locks have a serial number in the back body, or you can also find it in the guidebook: 

  • Collect the number and note it down.
  • Go to the retailer to contact the manufacturer. Note that if the lock is attached with something like a box or locker, the store will charge for it.
  • After the initial procedures, the manufacturer will ask for valid ownership proof, and if you can prove them with the required evidence, they will start further steps.
  • Now the manufacturer will fix the lock by analyzing their data.

3.Shim Method

This step is not free from clutter. Make sure you should only take this step if you have no other choice. The padlocks are the most robust locks worldwide. 

Recent padlocks are more potent than the previous models, and the manufacturer made these Shim protected. But still, this process works.

  • Manage a soda can and cut it off at a 1-inch by 3-inch shape the horizontal length needs to be big.
  • Now from the middle part of the can, cut it into two diagonal incisions and shape supposed to look like M.
  • Take the metal, fold it from the upper portion very gently, and don’t make it too curvy. After smooth folding, just keep the U shape point at the end.
  • Now round fold the metal strip with the shank locking mechanism part and don’t push it inside until the proper shape of the shackle.
  • Lightly press the U-shaped metal inside the lock mechanism to tug up the shackle.
  • Pinch the Shim at the locking mechanism part, press the other shank side down, and pull it up again.
  • The final click will open the lock.

How to Open Master Lock 4 Digit Combination?

How to Crack a 4 Digit Combination Padlock?

If you are new, then this guideline will help you. To open the master lock entirely, you will require the reset key which comes with the box. Without this, the extract function will stay in the middle. If it is not in the box, please ask the retailer to provide you with one.

  • The master lock comes with the company passcode like 0000 or 1111 and with any 4 digits.
  • Do not make any change to the digit; otherwise, it will get complicated.
  • Press the shank or shackle pull-up to open.
  • Turn the shackle at a 90-degree position and press it firm to lock.
  • Insert the reset key or tool firmly into the reset hole at the side for a new passcode setup.

How to Set a Combination Lock 4 Digit?

A combination lock comes with 3 to 6 digits, and more numbers ensure security in a better way. After purchasing a combination padlock, at first, you have to customize a new safety password, as keeping the old one is not an intellectual step. 

Follow the steps to set a 4-digit combination lock: 

  • Press the shackle upward and turn it at a 90-degree angle following the resistance.
  • Now, press the shank downward so that it can lock. When the shackle is locked, there will be a loud click sound.
  • Set the 4-digit password, press the shackle and turn it back to the lock mechanism hole and press it.
  • In order to ensure the setup, try the new passcode to open.

Did I Explain Everything You Wants to Know About How to Crack a 4 Digit Combination Padlock?

The discussed guideline will prevent users from breaking the robust metal padlock into pieces. Here, we deliberated the guidelines step by step without making it complicated with unnecessary clops. 

So, if the handler someway can’t recognize the password, hoping that how to crack a 4 digit combination padlock will not be a nightmare anymore for you!

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