Simplisafe Door Lock Not Responding? Read This First!

Simplisafe Door Lock Not Responding

Smart door locks can run into different technical problems, and SimpliSafe door lock is no exception. Most common problems with SimpliSafe door lock is it can run into responsive issues. The problem that causes the lock into a responsive issue can be tricky to identify. However, to fix the responsive issue, you need to apply different types of solution unit you find the right solution.

Why is Simplisafe Door Lock Not Responding? The SimpliSafe door lock stops responding commonly when the entry sensor fails to connect with the base station. More likely, it could be the network interference from other devices preventing the communication between the Entry Sensor and Base Station.

Now, you need to identify what possible device or object prevents communication between the Entry Sensor & Base Station. Here are a few examples of devices and objects that can cause interference: concrete walls, Wi-Fi routers, heavy electrical appliances, remote control door openers, etc.

Before troubleshooting, ensure that the sensor is aligned towards the base station and identify the possible cause of network interference causing the responsive issue.

Network interference is not only the cause; other issues can also lead to the response issue of the SimpliSafe door lock. Try to follow the other methods for resolving the responding issues of the lock until it fixes the problem.

Try the Solutions: Simplisafe Door Lock Not Responding

Maintain a Strong Wi-Fi connection

Because of the poor Wi-Fi signal, the lock sensor cannot communicate with the base station, leading to the response issue of the SimpliSafe lock. 

To fix the problem, keep the Wi-Fi router near the lock to ensure a strong connection. Some other electronic or network devices can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, leading to the disconnection of the lock from the Wi-Fi. Identify the object or device causing interference and take the necessary steps to fix the problems.

Replace The Exhausted Batteries

Low battery is another issue that could lead to the responding issue. Because of the low battery, the processor of the lock cannot process the information, resulting in no response signal. So, before moving to any alternate solution, ensure the batteries have enough charge to operate the lock. Suppose the lock is connected to the SimpliSafe app. In that case, you will get a notification of the low battery status in the app or an email about the low battery status via the SimpliSafe system.

Limit The Distance Between The Base Station And the Smart Device

When the distance between the simplesafe device and the base station is too far, it could lead to no response issue. Therefore it is necessary to limit the Distance between the base station and the smart device to maintain fluid communication. When the Distance is short, the signal from the smart device can pass to the base station without interference.

Update SimpliSafe App

If you are using the old version of the SimpliSafe app and trying to unlock the door using it, it could lead to no response issue. Update the app and clear the cache file to fix this problem. The cache file can be deleted from the app settings.

If none of the above methods works, you can try to fix the problems by resetting the device. To reset the lock:

  1. Open the battery cover, where you will find the reset button above the batteries.
  2. Click and hold the reset button for 20 seconds.
  3. Three signal lights will flash to confirm the lock is factory reset.
  4. If the signal light does not flash, change the batteries and repeat the method.  

SimpliSafe Cannot Connect to Base Station

Try the following troubleshooting method when the SimpliSafe base station is unable to connect with the SimpliSafe system:

  • Detach the power cord from the bottom of the base station.  
  • Unscrew the single screw from the back part of the base station.
  • Open the back part of the base station, where you will find 4 AA rechargeable batteries.
  • Remove the batteries and plug the power cord into the base station and then into the electric power socket
  • Now with the battery removed, connect the base station to Wi-Fi by typing the password on the keyboard.
  • After connecting with Wi-Fi, remove the power cord from the electric socket and install the batteries.
  • Screw the back cover to the base station and plug the power cord again.

After following the above method step by step, you will be able to connect the SimpliSafe to the base station. Also, ensure that you keep the base station within the range of the Wi-Fi router.

SimpliSafe Door Lock Keypad Not Working

SimpliSafe keypad will not work when the keypad when the system stops communicating with the base station or when the battery is exhausted. However, there are two main reasons why the keypad stop working:

  1. When the keypad stops communicating with the base station because the base station is too far from the device.
  2. If the device is not paired with the base station.

So, to solve the keypad not working problem, make sure that the base station is connected to Wi-Fi and ensure the device is paired with the base station. If you have problems pairing the device with the base station, try resetting the device.

Simplisafe Lock Not Working After Update

Simplisafe lock not working after update- This issue arises when you update the system. Because of this update, the system firmware is affected by the bugs. To fix the issue, you need to reset the lock, which will roll back the update. After resetting, the SimpliSafe lock will start working fine.

However, if the resting does not fix the problem, communicate with the support engineer from the SimpliSafe website. If the technical team cannot fix the issue, they will replace the lock free of cost.

Did I Answer Everything You Want To Know About Simplisafe Door Lock Not Responding?

There are different types of issues that could arise from the responding issue of the SimpliSafe lock. However, In this article, I have identified a ‘few essential factors that lead to this responsive issue and also suggest necessary solutions to resolve it. I hope this solution will work and make the lock work again.

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