Can Bolt Cutters Cut a Padlock? 7 Important Answers!

Can Bolt Cutters Cut A Padlock

Locks protect our belongings and padlocks are an inexpensive way to secure belongings. This typical lock secures mounting hasps by joining and securing two ends of a chain or locking out appliance or machine gear. The trouble with padlocks is that things become tricky when you lose keys. But if you have bolt cutters you probably wondering about can bolt cutter cut a padlock?

It is possible to break locks using a variety of methods. But it requires a particular process that is hard to master. Bolt cutters can easily cut a regular padlocks, but depending on the diameter of lock shackle, it requires different size bolt cutters to cut the padlock. When it comes to cutting metal, this powerful instrument is a must-have in your toolbox.

This article will help you get all the answers you want to know more about whether bolt cutters can cut a padlock.

What Size Bolt Cutter Do I Need To Cut A Padlock?

With a set of 24-inch bolt cutters, you can go through most ordinary padlock bolts with a 7/16-inch diameter cut. For higher-quality padlocks made of more rigid metal, use a 36-inch bolt cutter.

Will 18-Inch Bolt Cutters Cut A Padlock?

If you have enough strength, then you might cut it through. But if you have got 24 inch bolt cutter, then you can put more cutting force on the lock’s shackle. Bolt cutters with a giant shackle can cut through larger locks.

How Hard Is It To Cut A Padlock With Bolt Cutters?

When it comes to cutting the shackle using a bolt cutter, it depends on the kind of lock and shackle and the thickness of the shackle. Think about how the lock is securing the object.

Getting rid of a chain lock may be as simple as cutting it. And always keep an eye out for brittle parts in the hardware that holds the lock in place. You can use a drill to remove the lock core if the shackle resists a manual assault with bolt cutters. Also, you need an appropriate shackle for hydraulic cutter blades to decompose.

However, combination padlock usually have heavy shackle and it would be difficult to cut a combination padlock with bolt cutters. Read my another article where I explain about multiple method of cracking a 4 digit combination padlock.

What Other Tools Can I Use To Cut A Padlock?

Can Bolt Cutters Cut A Padlock?

Angle Grinder

It is the easiest way to cut a lock shackle. This mobile equipment is known as a side grinder disc grinder and is used for cutting blades and honing. An appropriate disc size for 60 grit is 364 inches (1.2 mm) thick. It’s small, but it can cut through thick metal chains.

Torch and Hacksaw with Propane

Other than buying a set of bolt cutters, this may be your only alternative if you don’t have any other tools.

A hacksaw won’t cut through a padlock. Most padlocks are constructed of hardened steel shackle to avoid such a scenario. However, you may weaken the steel rod by heating the shackle before you begin cutting with it.

It requires a propane torch. Once it is glowing and as hot as possible, heat the area where you want to cut. Finally, put the flame out and let the lock cool down. Using a hacksaw to cut through it should be a piece of cake when it has cooled.

Use a Dremel

If you don’t have access to an angle grinder, you may also use a Dremel. Because of its smaller size, a Dremel with a cutoff wheel performs similarly to an angle grinder. When working in confined spaces, an angle grinder may not be an option; thus, this makes it easier to use. Even though they’re smaller, they don’t have the same power or surface area, so you’ll spend more time cutting with them.

When cutting with a Dremel, you should be very careful because the tool could break. If at all feasible, you should utilize a reinforced wheel. To avoid damaging the wheel, take it slow and steady.

What’s The Best Tool For Cutting Off A Padlock?

Bolt cutters are the best tool for cutting padlocks. Below are the steps to cut a padlock with the best bolt cutter

Step 1: Determine the ideal location for the cut.

Cutting off a conventional brass padlock requires careful consideration of where you want to make your cut on the lock.

Padlock shackles strung via hasps make locked doors easy to cut. A good grip on a hasp makes it simple to cut if it’s composed of thin, soft metal. It lets the shackle slide out.

If you can’t get to the hasp and need to cut the padlock, go for the lock’s body which usually consists of brass, a softer material than the hard steel of the shackle loop.

Step 2: Align Jaws

With bolt cutters, like metal chains and cables, you need to grip the hasp or padlock to maximize the cutting power and prevent the item from sliding from the jaws.

Step 3: Use Force

After a few firm “bites”s at the hasp or padlock body, the shackle should come away, enabling you to unlock the locked door without d

What Can Locks not Be Cut With Bolt Cutters?

Bolt cutters don’t work well on all kinds of locks shackle. Thieves always looks for thin and light easy-to-cut lock materials. The thief can cut or break the lock if the shackle is oversized and out in the open.

Eventually, almost any lock can be cut or broken, but most thieves don’t have the time or the desire to do that. When selecting a lock, your should consider to make it a bit unattractive so they can move on to a less complicated target.

Heavy Lock Chain

A thick lock is harder to get through than a thin one. Compare the thickness of the shackle, which is the U-shaped metal loop on the lock, to find one that is thick and strong. It’s hard to cut with bolt cutters for more than one reason, but thickness is one of them.

Security grades from ASTM

Some locks come with a security grade that tells how safe they are. A more robust lock has a higher number. If the ASTM grades a lock, it is of higher quality and meets those standards.

Shackle With Less Exposed

For bolt cutters to cut through the shackle and open the lock, the shackle must be out in the open. Many locks that are hard to open with bolt cutters have shackles that are hard to get to. The thief can’t get the bolt cutter blades to the shackle quickly and easily so he can move on. Choose a padlock with a short shackle or one that is covered if you want one.

Built with strong steel

Lock material determines how easily bolt cutters can cut it. For the most part, steel alloys are the most effective defense against bolt cutters. One example of a hard-to-cut material is boron alloy. Many locks are also made of hardened steel, making it harder to cut the lock with bolt cutters.

U Bike Lock

Bike locks, such as U locks and cable locks, are a common choice for securing your rims while traveling. Cable locks are simple to wrap around a wide range of objects, but they’re also easy to cut using bolt cutters.

Bolt cutters have a harder time cutting through U locks because of their thicker, sturdier construction. To break through a U lock, you’ll often need power equipment.

How Do You Break A Padlock Without Tools?

Can Bolt Cutters Cut A Padlock?

Pick a Lock

You can also lock pick a padlock. The difficulty of this depends on the kind of lock. Using a tension wrench, you’ll need to insert it into the keyhole. After that, turn the plug with enough pressure to get it to turn. You want a slight rotation, not much.

First, use a pick to insert the first pin. Keep doing this until you’ve removed all the pins in the lock. You’ll probably have to slide the pin repeatedly to capture all of the pins. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the lock. Know amore about unlocking locks using alternatives

Use a Hammer

If the padlock is inexpensive enough, a hammer may be all you need to get it open. First, put two fingers in the shackle, hold them there, and pull it. Hit the shackle’s fixed end and its body.

Do the second step repeatedly, which often hits it with a hammer.

Don’t forget that you have your fingers in it when you hit. It is one of the most straightforward and uncomplicated options for padlocks.

Use a Shim

When it comes to cheap padlocks, you may be able to open them using a simple shim. This little metal piece fits inside the lock’s shackle insertion area and allows you to insert it into the locking mechanism without damaging the lock itself. The thicker portion of the shim is inserted into the device’s body and wiggled back and forth. You should be able to unlock the padlock at some time when the lock springs open.

Did I Answer Your Query About Can Bolt Cutters Cut A Padlock?

Breaking a lock may be accomplished in several ways. When trying to break a lock, safety is the most crucial consideration. Using bolt cutters is one of the safest ways to access a locked door. It’s easy to use, and it’s also relatively efficient.

It is a must-have item for property owners and an essential tool in every owner’s toolbox. Bolt cutters exist in various sizes and may be purchased online or at a hardware shop. The larger handles of the bolt cutters provide for more leverage, resulting in increased power.

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