Can You Put a Digital Lock on a Sliding Door? Facts to Know!

Can You Put a Digital Lock on a Sliding Door

This initial thinking can transform the entire locking system if you intend to modify or add a digital lock on the sliding door. Hands down, digital locks are one of the best picks among the lock hardware! But a question may pop up in your head that is, “can you put a digital lock on a sliding door?”

Exchanging the current slide door lock with the digital lock is conceivable and the process is handy. Preferring existing lock size, digital locks are available with fixing guidelines. If the guideline is complicated, move forward to a manufacturer.

In today’s topic, we will let you know more about putting an electronic lock on sliding door, types of locks you can put on sliding doors, and so forth. Stay connected!

Can You Put a Digital Lock on a Sliding Door?

The usual sliding door arrives with a single lock, and the firmness doesn’t give you trustworthy security. The small lock comes with a handle for sliding and closing the door, and installing a digital lock on the sliding door will improve the inside security.

Due to the light lock mechanism, it is easier for the burglars to break down a sliding door than any other type of door. The digital door lock will not only provide robust lock security, but also you can make a keyless entry. So, while going outside, you don’t need to move with the key anymore.

Moreover, a digital door lock comes with so many modern features. Like if someone tries to manually unlock your door, then the system will immediately notify you through the root connection. 

Some digital locks have Wi-Fi connection feature, so using this, you can find who entered to house, whether the door is locked or not, and interestingly the auto-lock facility keeps the door locked even if you forget to lock it. 

The options are not limited to tiny varieties; you can install a digital lock in any patio doors, but mechanically the glass doors are easy to enter through breaking, so try to fix it on the aluminum or metal door. 

But several providers are manufacturing bulletproof glass doors. In case the door material is not an issue, then without changing it, you can just install the digital lock on the current sliding door. But for the main door, the strong metal material is the preference. 

Can You Put an Electronic Lock on a Sliding Door?

Can You Put a Digital Lock on a Sliding Door?

Yes, you can undoubtedly put an electronic lock on the sliding door. All types of digital locks come with a guidebook inside the box; the appropriate elaboration is easy to get so that anybody can install the electronic lock on the sliding door. 

This will make the lock system more secure. The installation can provide card entry access, pin-code, fingerprint, and Wi-Fi access. But the most promising part is you don’t need to carry any key. Just one tap will give access.

Even if you want to give an entry pass to another, you can also set a one-time entry passcode. In a word, this is a superior lock system.

What Kind of Lock Can You Put on a Sliding Door?

The purchased sliding door locks sometimes are not enough to ensure guard. That is why many of the users prefer to change the lock. But among the various models and types, it is hard to decide what should be the selection. Actually, you should select the lock system according to the door placement, like indoor and outdoor. 

Two types of sliding door locks are currently available in the market, and both ensure a completely different lock system. Remember, while selecting the lock, security should be your prime concern. 

Usual Key lock

Different types of locks fall in this category, including Mortise lock, double bolt lock, offset thumb turn lock, Keyed lock, Security bars, Loop lock, spring loaded patio locks, Track locks.

Using these keylocks, you can lock the door from inside and outside, but some countries don’t allow an outside keyhole, and they consider it illegal.

Digital or Smart Lock

This robust lock system ensures sufficient security. The lock system digitally locks and unlocks the door. It has fingerprint detection, passcode entry, and a card scanner. 

You don’t have to carry any key for this; just one fingertip or passcode will make the entry. The lock mechanism doesn’t allow duplicate keys. 

So, in case someone tries to enter manually, the system will detect it instantly and notify you through the wi-fi or Bluetooth if it’s connected with the device. 

Can You Add a Key Lock to a Sliding Glass Door?

Yes, you can add a key lock along with the old one. Dual security is always beneficial, but you must go through a bit of hassle. As you have to set the lock on the operable panel, you must go through a few drilling processes before adding a new keylock with the existing one. 

The operable panel can be aluminum, heavy metal, and PVC, so naturally, drilling the PVC will be easier than metal and aluminum. If you think you are good at drilling and can bring the proper shape, only then you can handle the fixing process or take help from any hardware shop.

Can You Put a Key Lock on a Sliding Glass Door?

Almost all types of sliding door come with a small patio lock and a key system, but that’s not adequate protection. So, to make the inside more secure, you can replace the old lock with a new key lock. If you want, you can go for your preferences, but the manufacturer also provides the specific keylock for the door.

If you purchase the lock from the manufacturer, the installation process will be more straightforward; otherwise, you can also go to the retailer shop and ask them to provide the lock that matches the door’s structure. 

Thus, you can remove the old lock, and without a drilling procedure, you can install the new keylock by following the installation guideline. In my recent article I have explain the process of installing a key lock on sliding glass door with detail instructions.


Replacing or adding the digital lock on the sliding door is a fantastic idea. The features will allow you to experience multiple facilities that are unavailable on the usual lock system. 

Hopefully, this article is more than enough for you to rebuild your thoughts regarding “can you put a digital lock on a sliding door.”

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