Can You Put A Key Lock On A Sliding Glass Door?

Can You Put A Key Lock On A Sliding Glass Door

If you have a sliding glass door in your house or office, you are probably wondering about: can you put a key lock on a sliding glass door?

There are different types of key locks, but not all types of key locks are made to be used on sliding glass doors. Here are examples of key locks that can be used on sliding glass doors:

  1. Double Open Glass Door Lock.
  2. Mortise Lock with Glass Door Handle
  3. Loop Sliding Door Lock

Apart from key locks, there are many other types of locks that can be also used on the sliding glass door. But it is recommended not to use any heavy locks on the glass door. Glass is brittle, so if you install a heavy lock, it may break.

How to Install Key Lock on Sliding Glass Door?

Most of the sliding door comes with built-in locks, but the built-in locks are weak and do not offer better security. Therefore, it is necessary install a good quality key lock on the sliding door. Following are the step by step process of installing key lock on a glass sliding door:

  • Remove the existing door handle or built-in lock. To install the new key lock, you need to first remove the existing lock or door handle. You can easily remove the locks using a screwdriver.
  • Take proper measurements of the lock. You need to appropriately measure the size of key locks that you want to install and mark the area with a pen marker on the glass door frame.
  • Drill or cut the wooden or metal frame of the glass door. Most of the sliding glass door comes with metal or wooden frame. By taking appropriate measurements of the lock, you need to cut or drill the frame so that the lock can easily fit.
  • Cut the cylinder tail piece unlit fits inside the locks. If you are using a patio door key lock, you probably need to cut the cylinder tailpiece to adjust the lock installation successfully.

Tools Required To Install Key Locks on Sliding Door Handle

Following are the lists of tools that you would need to install key locks:

  • Screwdriver ( Phillips-Head)
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Punch tools

Can You Put A Lock On The Outside Of A Sliding Glass Door?

Can You Put A Key Lock On A Sliding Glass Door

Not all sliding door locks are made to be used outside the door. However, if you want to use locks outside the sliding door, you need to have a lock that opens with a key. It can be complicated to install the locks outside the sliding glass door, but they can be installed if you have the right tools. Usually, you will need tools like hacksaw, screwdriver and drill to install the locks. You need to cut the door frame and makes holes using drill machine to fit the locks properly.

However, if your sliding door does not come with wooded or still frame, you can easily install the sliding door locks likes “vivarium locks “on both side of the door without any hassle.

Installing the locks outside the sliding door will provide weak security, because the main mechanism part of the locks will be outside the door. As a result, it will be easier for someone to bypass or break the locks.

How to Unlock a Sliding Glass Door from the Outside?

If the lock is outside the door you could probably could unlock the door using different types of hacks. But if the lock is inside the door and there is no visible part of the locks outside, it would be nearly impossible to unlock the door without damaging the door.

However, if the door use lever locks you can use hacksaw to cut the lock-lever to unlock the door. The hacksaw can be easily inserted in-between the door to cut the locks lever.

Key Locks Alternative for Sliding Glass Door Lock

Beside key locks, there are many others types of locks that can be used for sliding glass door. Here are few alternative recommendation of locks that can be used on sliding glass door:

  • Keyless sliding door lock. Keyless sliding door locks is one of the best alternatives of key lock that can be used for sliding glass door. Keyless locks provide better security and it is user-friend (you don’t need to worry about forgetting or loosing keys). There are many types of keyless locks such as keypad locks, finger print locks and Wi-Fi keyless locks. However, I would recommend finger print keyless locks for sliding glass door.
  • Wireless deadbolt. Wireless deadbolt lock is also compatible with sliding glass door. This lock can be unlocked using voice command, using apps or scanning finger print. Having a wireless lock, you don’t need to worry about leaving keys behind.
  • Smart-Code Keypad Deadbolts. This is another types of keyless lock that can also be used on sliding glass door. Smart-code keypad deadbolt locks automatically upon closing the door and opens when you enter the right password or security code.
  • Cam Locks: There are different types of cam locks, but not all cam locks are compatible with glass door. However, are few cam locks types that can be used with glass door. Read my recent article where I explain more about cam lock.

Final Words

Sliding door locks is not among the strongest door type, this is why you cannot use locks that are not compatible with sliding glass door. But if you want to use key locks on sliding glass door, it is suggested not to use key-locks that is big in size or too heavy. For sliding glass doors, always choose a small to medium lock.

Installing locks on sliding glass door is not difficult, but it needed to be done with care. Glass doors are weak, so it can easily break if you put heavy pressure. I suggest to hire a professional lock smith to do the job.

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