Can You Put Keyless Lock on a Storm Door?

Can You Put Keyless Lock on a Storm Door

Storm doors are mostly seen with regular knob key locks instead of keyless locks, because Storm door are to thin to install a standard keyless locks on it. But is there any possible way to put a keyless lock on a storm door? Storm doors are mainly made with glass and wooden frames on the side, making it difficult to install a keyless lock on the storm door. But with a bit of self-engineering, you can easily install a keyless lock on the storm door. 

Can You Put Keyless Lock on a Storm Door? To put a keyless lock on the storm door, glue an extra wooden piece with the storm door frame to increase the wooden surface area of the door. Once you have more wooden surface area, you can easily install the keyless lock.

Keyless door locks come in many sizes; Buy small-size keyless door locks that best fit the storm door.

Keyless locks were invented with a vision to improve locking mechanisms and to make our life more convenient. It completely removes the risk of forgetting keys inside and locking the door from the outside.

Read on to understand the complete installation guide of a keyless lock on a storm door:

How to Put a Keyless Lock on a Storm Door? ( Complete Installation Guide)

Storm door does not provide great security in terms of breaking in. However, keyless locks with storm doors slightly improve the security. This new invention also removed your tension about forgetting or losing your key. These devices unlock the door when the owner presses the buttons by using a remote control.
Putting a keyless lock on the storm door is not a hassle anymore because it can be installed with some common tools you may already own.

To begin with, a pair of pliers, a Philips screwdriver, wooded glue, and a wooded piece are required. These are the few tools that will help you set up your keyless lock successfully.

I will walk you through how a keyless lock is installed in a storm door. You don’t have to go through a tedious installation manual if you follow our explained steps:

  • Begin by unscrewing the screws of your doorknob or handle from what I did. Continue the process until the knob comes apart.
  • To remove the previous latch, loosen the two screws that keep it in place on the door. After removing the faceplate, you may see that the set is coming out.
  • Similarly, remove the old strike plate that holds onto the door jam. You must be careful in this process because your door jam may break due to excessive pressure.
  • Glue the extra wooded piece if your storm door does not have enough wooded surface area.
  • Take out the new strike plate that came along with the keyless lock. You can now install it on the old strike plate’s place.
  • Two or four screws are provided. To install the new strike plate, you can also put extended screws. (optional)
  • Do the reverse process of installing the new latch onto your storm door. This part must be done very carefully so you don’t accidentally break your glass.
  • When fixing the new latch, make sure it faces the door jam. Tighten the screws properly into the door by securing the faceplate.
  • Finally, set the lock on the storm door and fix the wire beneath the latch.
  • Install the base plate, following the battery. Align the inside mechanisms with the cover.
  • Adjust the lever to use your keyless lock.  

How to Lock a Keyless Storm Door?

There are different types of keyless locks, and the locking procedures are different from one another. If the keyless lock runs on WIFI, you can download the apps and set the PIN code from your phone. Each time you close the door, keyless door locks will lock automatically. When you type the right PIN code on the keypad or on your phone, the door will unlock automatically. 

If your keyless locks come with fingerprint features, you need to install your fingerprints first. Once the fingerprint is installed, the locks will unlock the door upon scanning the right fingerprints.

A keyless lock is a novel innovation in door locking technology that operates by pressing the buttons or scanning the fingerprint. Most keyless door locks have an in-built battery to perform its primary function.

What are the Benefits of Putting Keyless Locks on a Storm Door?

can you put keyless lock on a storm door

To discuss benefits, you should first know your keyless lock type. Some keyless door locks run on Wi-Fi & mobile app, some run on PIN codes and fingerprints. 

Each category has different benefits; let’s start with Wi-Fi and mobile apps powered by keyless door locks. 

  1. The door can be unlocked from your mobile device directly via an app.
  2. You can unlock the door from any place ( even if you are not near the locks).  
  3. Wi-Fi keyless door locks have better access control. 

On the other hand, keyless door locks with fingerprints and pin-code features have different benefits:

  1. You can easily unlock the door when you are near the door. 
  2. Advance security ( cannot be hacked )
  3. Opens on scanning fingerprints or typing the right pin-code. 
  4. The Installation procedure is very easy.

Unlike any other sort of lock, the keyless lock is unique. Simple installation is needed for these to work; no specialized frame is required. It’ll fit in any door, even a storm door. Every generation prefers smart locks.

What are the Drawbacks of Putting Keyless Lock on a Storm Door?

However, every keyless lock has its disadvantages. While being set on a storm door, an intruder may break the glass. The keyless lock won’t be able to do anything. Here, you will need to cost much higher than regular key locks. In a word, relying on better safety will be expensive.

Or, to put it another way, keyless door malfunctions are a frequent source of frustration. Your storm door may be damaged if you become stranded outside your front door. Taking out a damaged lock might affect it. Keyless lock Bluetooth connections may not operate properly on your phone.

So, did I Answer Everything You Want to Know- Can You Put a Keyless Lock on a Storm Door?

Storm doors are actually not made to improve house security, its usually made to give house a fancy Storm doors are not made to improve house security. Instead, it is made to give the house a fancy look. Keyless door locks can be installed on the storm door but need self-engineering. However, installing keyless door locks on storm does enhance locking and unlocking the doors but does not improve door security much better because storm door is made of glass, and anyone can break in if they want to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a smart lock on a storm door? You may remove the old lock with the aid of a screwdriver before installing smart locks on a storm door. Then, follow the instructions we’ve outlined in the how to put a keyless lock on a storm door ( installation guide) section above.

Can you install a deadbolt on a storm door? With a deadbolt, intruders have nothing to fear from it. Special equipment and a skilled locksmith are required to install a deadbolt lock on a storm door handle.

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