How to change battery in keyless door lock. A simple guide!

How To Change Battery In Keyless Door Lock: Helpful Guide

The failure of keyless keypad batteries is a recurring problem that houses encounter. Below, you will learn more about what to do when a keyless lock battery dies.

It is simple to enter the property using a keypad or a telephone app. However, there might be some problems later.

how to change battery in keyless door lock

Battery-powered locks 

Locks powered by batteries, and digital door locks, especially smart locks, are more popular due to their simplicity.

Although a smart door lock is very reliable, it will later lose its battery power, similar to any other battery-powered device.

To notify you before they break down, most electronic keyless locks incorporate a low battery indicator or warning signal.

In the event that your smart lock is accessed using a mobile app, the application will also notify you when the battery needs to get replaced.

Do keyless door locks have batteries?

Nowadays, the majority of keyless locks are powered by batteries.

Four batteries are frequently used in keyless systems.

A keyless door lock with this design exhibit glitches when the battery is about to run out.

How long do the batteries in keyless door locks last?

They endure between three and five years on the original one. The original batteries are also provided with the smart lock.

Keyless door locks that work with Bluetooth could offer a year’s battery life. Although, if they work using Wi-Fi, it could last about three months before the battery of the door lock needs to be replaced.

Comprehend your keyless entry device

Carefully study the instructions guide that came with your keyless door lock, so you are aware of what to do in the event that your battery dies, or you get helpless and must enter the house. 

Does a keyless door lock work when your power goes out?

Because keyless entry systems are battery-powered, they will function even if the power to your home is lost.

A keyless door lock cannot operate due to this design when the batteries are dead.

What happens if battery dies on keyless lock?

Choose one of the options below if you observe that the keyless lock battery has run out and are unable to change it right away.

1. Standard key

Several keyless locks can still be opened with a standard key even if there is no power.

2. Recoverable cellphone procedures

Nowadays, a lot of keyless systems include phone apps, allowing you to enter the system using your phone, which means you can switch off the system with it.

3. Emergency override locks

Most keyless locks on the market offer bypass capabilities that let you access the house with no alarm going off.

The owner’s guide has details on the override option.

The emergency lock override should generally only be used as a last resort.

How often should keyless door lock batteries be changed?

To fix the problem with your smart door lock being underpowered, change the old batteries in your electronic lock. The battery in your entry door lock has to be changed when it’s low.

How do I change the battery in my keyless entry door?

The best way to perform a keyless door lock battery change is a question that is commonly asked.

Screws securing the battery cover.

Get rid of the battery cover.

Remove the outdated battery and set it aside for later use.

Line up the ends of a fresh battery there with the fuse box of the door lock.

Make sure the terminal ends of both batteries are tightly closed so that no debris or dust can enter them.

How to change battery in keyless door lock (Kwikset)

Open the battery compartment with a screwdriver.

Remove and replace the battery.

Reset your lock if it still isn’t working after reinstatement.

How to change battery in keyless door lock? (Yale)

Remove the batteries and dispose of them according to local regulations for proper disposal of dead batteries.

Instead of touching any of the device’s metal parts, insert a brand-new alkaline battery into its shell with the positive side facing up and the negative side facing down.

How to change battery in keyless door lock? (Schlage)

Take off the interior cover.

Refresh the battery.

To reduce crimping, replace the lid after.


In addition to replacing the batteries in your keyless door lock, you need nothing else. These instructions will make it simple for you to install a new battery.

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