How to change code on Brinks keypad door lock: different ways

Safety is one of the main priorities for living in a safe and comfortable home. With security system locks like the Brinks Keypad Door Lock, you can rest assured that you and your family won’t be approached by an unwanted intruder.

However, people may be able to figure out your door lock code if it’s too easy or if they can see you entering the code. In this guide, I will show you how to change the Brinks keypad door lock code and make your home more secure.

Easy ways how to change code on Brinks keypad door lock

Before learning how to reset the code Brink keypad lock, you must first determine the type of code you want to change.

This electronic door lock has two types of codes with different functions – user code and programming code.

A variety of Code Brink key locks are provided

The Brinks security system has a user code, also known as a Brinks installer code, that is used to unlock the keypad door.

The Brinks Smart Lock can store up to six user codes, which you can freely delete or change.

Brinks code is used to remove or add custom code. For example, if you want to remove the user code of the Brinks keypad lock, you must first enter the programming code to put the lock in programming mode.

How do Brinks Keypad door locks work?

The keypad system allows you to work without keys and still protect your valuables. Often, they work hand in hand with other types of security technologies such as access control systems.

Instead of a key, a numerical code is entered to open such a locking system. Users enter the code using a numeric keypad much like a calculator.

After entering the correct code, the lock will unlock and you will be granted access. Some systems require batteries or electricity to open.

A security feature built into the keypad locks prevents the door from unlocking for a specified period if the code is repeatedly entered incorrectly.

How to restore factory default settings codes on Brinks Keypad door lock 

Keypad door locks are part of the modern security solutions we use now.

Now all you have to do is enter your user code to unlock the bolt. However, there are times when you need to do a factory reset to fix some connection issues that won’t unlock or there is some kind of system bug.

The Brinks keypad door lock is easy to reset. Here’s how to reset it:

  1. Remove the battery cover behind the Brinks electronic keypad lock.
  2. Find the small hole marked “R”.
  3. Use a paper clip to press the “R” key.
  4. Hold for a few seconds until you hear 3 long beeps.

Now the programming code is reset. It now reverts to the default code of 0-0-0-0 and the user code is again 1-2-3-4.

Make sure you detect the door is open after resetting the key lock so you can activate all electronic functions.

Now you can start changing the programming code, adding new user codes, and enabling other Brinks Keypad door lock features.

How do I change my smart lock code?

Changing a user code first involves deleting the code and replacing it with another code in the Brinks Digital Deadbolt Guide.

To change the Brinks keyboard door lock user code:

  1. First, you need to enter the programming code. The program code can be the standard code or a code that you have recently changed.
  2. Find and press the “BRINKS” key on your keyboard.
  3. Press the “2” button and press the “BRINKS” button again.
  4. In the next step, you must enter the user code that will be deleted from the system. Then the BRINKS button press. After the Brinks keypad locks beep once and the green light begins to flash, you’ll know the user code has been cleared.
  5. To replace the deleted code, you need to re-enter the programming code and the BRINKS button press.
  6. Press the “1” key on your keyboard and press the “BRINKS” key.
  7. At this stage, you must enter a new user code of four to ten digits and press the BRINKS button.

You have now removed the old user code and added a new user code that can open a Brinks keypad door lock.

How to change the program code

Changing the Brinks keypad door lock programming code is simple and easy by following the Brinks door lock instructions.

You will need to enter the existing programming code from your keypad door lock. If you have not changed the code in the past, the default programming code is “0000”.

Then find the BRINKS button on your keyboard and press it.

Finally, you need to enter a new four to ten-digit app code and press the BRINKS button to reset the password. Please note that if you forget the code, you must write it down.

Door handing detection

After resetting the lock, door handing detection should be done. This allows the lock to determine which side the door opens from.

Here’s how to do door handing detection:

  • First, enter the preset programming code “0000”.
  • After entering the default programming code using the lock keypad, press the “BRINKS” button.
  • Press the 0 key on the numeric keypad.
  • Press the “BRINKS” button again.

When everything is ready, you can hear the castle “singing”. The lock will then beep twice and flash green twice. If none of this happens, try repeating the process.

Why are my Brinks door locks beeping?

When your Brinks door lock beeps, it’s trying to tell you something. Your home security system has a problem and you need to take action.

The most common reasons cited for this constant beeping are battery problems and communication errors.

Battery problem

The door locks inform you about the status of your batteries. Normally, the Brinks button emits a series of beeps and red flashes.

The battery of this case is low and you need to replace the batteries as soon as possible to disable the beep sound.

Brinks uses 4 AA alkaline batteries in its locks. Replace them all and don’t mix new with old to avoid performance issues.

Communication error

Your home security system is connected to the Edge Alarm Response Center to alert you when the alarm sounds unexpectedly.

If there is a communication error, you will receive a message from them. It can also be said that the device is not responsive.

This error can have various reasons. There may be a power outage or a cellular service provider outage, the plug is not connected to the power source, or the signal is interrupted. This can also happen when the system crashes.

Once these issues are resolved, your Brinks home security system should be working normally again.

How to fix a Brinks Keypad door lock that won’t work electronically

A Brinks keypad door lock that does not work electronically can be repaired using the following methods.

Do the door opening detection method

When a new Brinks electronic lock is installed, it is important to perform door open detection to unlock its electronic functions.

If you have just factory reset the lock, the system will reset all settings and you will need to re-enable door handing detection to use the electronics.

Reset it to default settings

The only way to make sure the door locks are working is to do a factory reset after trying the above methods.

You can fix any lock issue by doing a factory reset. As a result, you need to use the default lock code to make it work again.

How do I reset my keypad lock?

Brinks keypad door lock has an auto-lock function. When this feature is enabled, your doublet will be automatically locked after 30 seconds.

You can also set the auto-lock delay from 10 to 99 seconds according to your preference.

To enable this feature, you must do the following:

  1. Enter the programming code and then press the Brinks button.
  2. Press 5 and then press the Brinks button again.

You have enabled the auto-lock function. After the standard 30-second delay, it will easily lock the clamp for you.

If you want to change the time delay, you can do it as follows:

  1. Enter the programming code and press the Brinks button.
  2. Press 6 and then press the Brinks key.
  3. Select a number from 10 to 99 as the desired number of seconds.
  4. Press the Brinks button to set a new time delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the code of keyless door lock?

One of the advantages of using a lock is that you can easily change the code when managing personnel or in the event of a security breach.

How do I program my Brinks keypad?

There is a standard four-digit programming code (0000) and a user code (1234) to lock the Brink keypad. Programming can be used in a variety of ways, including adding or removing user codes and making changes to the lock’s programming. On the other hand, the code is entered on the door keypad locks to open it.

How do I reset my Brinks door code?

Remove the battery cover to find the reset button.
Insert a paper clip into the hole to activate the small button labeled “R”.
Wait until you hear three beeps before releasing the door lock.

How do you open a Brinks 3-Combination Lock?

The Brinks keypad 3 combination lock has three plates on the lock with numbers printed on them. This lock must be opened by turning the plates in the right position. Set the first number to “0” and the second and third numbers to “1” and “2” respectively.


If you have lock issues, resetting the Brinks keypad door lock is very easy. Just press the “R” key on the back of the electronic keypad lock until you hear 3 long beeps and you’re done.

Keep in mind that this will erase everything you’ve saved, so you’ll need to reschedule everything to ensure your safety.

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