How to Find Schlage Programming Code?

How to Find Schlage Programming Code

Every smart lock needs programming to make the lock functional, Schlage smart lock is no exception. Each Schlage smart lock comes with a unique programming code, which works as a master key for the lock. If you have a Schlage lock, you are probably wondering how to find the Schlage programming code.

The unique Schlage programming is printed on a sticker at the back of the battery compartment. Open the battery compartment of the lock using a screwdriver to find the programming code. The programming code is also written in the programming guidebook that comes with the lock. 

However, if you have lost the programming guidebook and the programming sticker is damaged, there is no other way to recover the code. In this cage, the lock needs to be replaced, or you can use keys to use the lock as a mechanical deadbolt.

The unique programming code is the brain of the Schlage smart lock; if you lose the programming code, the lock is useless.

Default Schlage Programming Code

Schlage smart lock does not have a Default programming code; instead, each Schlage smart lock has a unique programming code. The unique programming code of one lock will not work for another lock of the same category. 

However, the Schlage lock has two default user codes, and the user codes can be used to unlock the lock. But the default user codes cannot be used to add a new access code (the new access code can be added only using the programming code). Once you add a unique access code, the system automatically deletes the default code. 

If you lose the new access code, you will not be able to open the door using the default user code and need the programming code to recover the access code.

Two default user codes and one unique programming code come with the lock. The two default user code (User-Code-A and User-Code B) is labeled on a sticker at the back of the battery compartment.

Lost Schlage User Code

The lost Schlage user code can not be recovered, but a new user code can be added. So, to make the lock functional again, you need to reset the lock using six digit programming code. After resetting the lock, you need to add a new user code or use the default user code to unlock the door. To reset the lock, read another article explaining the complete resetting method of the Schlage smart lock.

However, lost user code can be recovered from a Schlage smart lock with Wi-Fi support. You need to install the Schlage Home app and connect with your smart lock to retrieve the user code. After pairing the app with the lock, log in using the six-digit programming code. After login-in, go to the app setting, where you can find the current installed, used code. The admin can view, delete and add new user code directly from the app.

Did I Answer Everything You Want to Know About How to Find Schlage Programming Code?

Finding the programming code of the Schlage smart lock is pretty simple; all you need is to know where the default programming code is located. Unfortunately, if you have lost the programming code and cannot find it, the lock needs to be replaced, or you can contact the Schlage technical team about the issue. Hopefully, they can provide an appropriate solution.

After buying a new Schlage lock, always store the unique programming code document in a safe place. I hope this article helped find the programming code of the Schlage lock.   

Frequently Asked Question About Schlage Lock

How many Access codes can I Store on my Schlage smart lock? Schlage smart lock can store up to 30 unique access codes. The access code should be 4 to 6 digits long and not match any previously stored access code. Change the access code after every 30 days to ensure the best security.

How do you unlock a Schlage keypad lock with a dead battery? The only way to unlock the Schlage keypad lock with a dead battery is by using the physical keys that come with the lock. When the battery is low, the indicator light of the lock will flash yellow, and the lock can make several beep sounds.

How to change code on schlage lock be489wb? Click on the schlage home button and enter the programming code. After that, press “1” and enter your preferred access code. Enter the same access code again; if the code is correct, the lock will beep twice with two deep. Read more about changing code and reprogramming schlage lock.

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