How to Reprogram Schlage Smart Lock? Read This First!

How to Reprogram Schlage Smart Lock

Most of the Schlage smart lock comes preprogrammed. However, if you want to improve security of the lock, its is necessary to personalize the security code of the lock. To personalized the security code, you need to reprogram your Schlage smart lock.

Schlage smart lock comes with a unique code for each lock and the code can be found inside the battery compartment. This unique code is necessary to reprogram the lock.

How to reprogram schlage smart lock? To reprogram the Schlage, it is compulsory to go through the resetting procedure. This step will terminate all the earlier codes and programs. Once resetting is done, the system is ready to reprogram / accept new code.

Note: the 6 digit unique code will not work to unlock the lock or to reset the lock.

However, to reset Schlage smart lock you need the original factory preset code. The preset code comes with the lock user guide or it can be found at the back of the cover-box. Following are the step by step process to reset the lock:

  • Before resetting make sure the lock lock latch is retracted.
  • Open the battery cover and disconnect the battery connection.
  • Press and hold the inside Schlage button and reconnect the battery connection.
  • Click the outside Schlage button and enter the preset code to reset the lock.

The resetting procedure may vary depending on the locks model. Read my another article where I discussed more about resetting locks.

How to Add New User Code to Schlage Smart Lock After Reprogramming?

Once you reset the lock, the lock is ready to reprogram. To set new user code click on the outside Schlage code and enter the six digit programming code ( can be found at the back of your lock). A indicator light will blink few times to show the lock is on programming mode. Now press 8 on the lock keypad and enter your six digit desire user code, re-enter the six digit user code again. Now beep and check mark with confirm that your user code has been added successfully.

For your convenience, we will describe the re-programming guideline of different models step-by-step right here in this article, making you understand more clearly. So, let’s get ready to dive right in!

How to Change Code on Schlage Lock BE489wb?

How to Reprogram Schlage Smart Lock

If you want to keep the pre-programmed PIN you can, but as you purchased this for security purposes so, why will you keep this lag?

Re-programming the Schlage BE489wb smart lock is easier than the other model. The re-programming will change all the previous connected codes and ultimately make them fresh for functional customization. You can keep the code between 4 to 8 digits. 

  • Step 1: Extend the deadbolt outside first.
  • Step 2: Firmly pull off the back cover so the inside may become visible.
  • Step 3: Make sure the inside is appropriately visible; at the left-down corner, there’s a black round button.
  • Step 4: That is the resetting button; press it correctly.
  • Step 5: Keep the button pressed until you see a red light at the left middle corner.
  • Step 6: Don’t stop pressing the button until the lights get off.
  • Step 7: If the lights get off, the system activates the resetting mode.
  • Step 8: Once the mode is ready, the light will turn blue and start flashing again, indicating that the device is prepared for resetting.
  • Step 9: Click on the outside Schlage icon; it will turn on the screen.
  • Step 10: Input the six-digit codes; you will get them inside the cover.
  • Step 11: A red light at the left bottom corner will blink up.
  • Step 12: Select the code length and tap on the number between 4-8; it can be 4,5,6, and 8-digit codes.
  • Step 13: Again, input the code for confirmation.
  • Step 14: The green right mark confirms the code length.
  • Step 15: Set the new code and again confirm it.
  • Step 16: If the green right mark blinks twice, the code change is successful.
  • Step 17: But if you see a red-cross mark on the left bottom corner, the code is probably wrong, or you have already used the code previously.
  • Step 18: You must again follow the steps from 9.

Schlage be469 Programming

How to Reprogram Schlage Smart Lock

The BE469 is another model from the Schlage brand. At the back part of the lock system, which is supposed to be on the indoor portion, you will get the lock details, along with the six-digit programming code. This code is required for resetting purposes. Follow the steps thoroughly:

  • Open the back part-cover with a screwdriver.
  • Note down the 6-digit programming code.
  • Extract the battery cover.
  • Separate the battery terminal.
  • Now gently press the Schlage icon or button at the front side of the lock. 
  • Keep pressing the Schlage button and attach the battery terminal again.
  • There will be a green right mark flash three times on the front side.
  • The Schlage button will also flash three times.
  • Enter one of the default codes from the white label at the back to see if the reset is successful or not.
  • Now set the code length and again confirm it.
  • Wait for the green tick mark.
  • Apply the new code two times.

More About Schlage Smart Lock’s

Schlage smart lock offers a broad range of features and easy operating methods. The manufacturer provides all types of door suitable locks, so after grabbing one and applying a few setups, it is ready to use. This single tiny door lock is an astonishing lock device; you can set the lock with multiple smart devices, an Apple watch, a Home kit, and any preferences.

This is a Wi-Fi deadbolt lock structure that uses Z-wave and Zigbee networks to connect with the other smart devices, so using the feature, you can operate the lock within range using your phone from sitting in any corner of the home. 

This smart lock has Schlage app and Amazon app and using any of the apps, you can lock and unlock your device even if you are far away from it. 

If you enable the auto-lock feature, the device automatically locks the door after a specified amount of time. So even if you forget to lock it, you won’t need to return it; simply check the app for an update; maybe it’s already locked. 

Even with the Z-wave automation connection, it will inform you of any unauthorized access via an alarm.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the key loss anymore as the device ensures key-less entry. In fact, you can share the password with multiple family members. If you want to set the passcode as a one-time entree, this is also possible, and in case of forgetting the password, you can enter it with the key. 

The lock system is designed in such a way that no one can duplicate the key, so manual unlocking without permission is technically impossible.

All types of Schlage intelligent locks come with pre-programmed passcodes, and you can start with the existing code. But for solid security purposes, it is wise to reprogram it. The installation method is handy; you will just require a screwdriver and the guidebook.

Did I Answer Your Query About How to Reprogram Schlage Smart Lock?

The Schlage digital door lock is one of the most potent locks among this lock native. The pre-installation Z-wave network prevents you from adding an extra network device. 

For your advantage, the company delivers the device with a pre-programmed code. Until you disclose it, the code remains unseen by the carrier. So, for re-programming the lock, you can follow our guidelines regarding how to reprogram schlage smart lock, specifically on be469 and BE489wb models.

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