How to Open a Deadbolt Lock with a Credit Card? (Explained)

How to Open a Deadbolt Lock with a Credit Card?

Forgot your key inside? Then, you know the frustration of waiting outside your door. It might get tempting to try out some movie tricks before you call the locksmith and smash the lock completely. We are talking about sliding a credit card through the door. So, how to open a deadbolt lock with a credit card?

Well, honestly speaking, you can’t open a deadbolt lock with a credit card. The trick only works for a lock with spring-bolt latches, and that too when the installation is poor and outdated. Otherwise, you should only use a key to unlock it safely.

But, there are other ways to open the lock. Even if you have a key with you and the lock won’t open, we can help you with that. All you have to do is stick with us till the end! 

Can You Pick A Deadbolt With A Credit Card?

The simple answer will be, “No.” Deadbolts are designed with geared locks. The credit card technique will work if the lock has latches. However, you can’t pick a dead latch if the installation is on point. 

The faulty ones tend to provide you access by sliding the card between the door and the jamb. If there is a slight gap, you can insert the card and push it against the spring bolt. It tends to unlock the door without having a key.

But, this movie trick fails with a deadbolt lock since the latch is missing here. So, Is There A Way To Pick A Deadbolt Lock?

Here are the legit ways to unlock the deadbolt lock:

1. Bobby Pins

We will need two bobby pins for the process. Make sure you open the “loop” and bend it at 90 degrees angle. That way it will act as a tension wrench.

Now, start picking the lock with the pin. Push the curve head of the pin inside and leave it as it is. Then, use the other one to push the pins up. After that, just take it for some time. 

And, that’s all. Now you can push the door open in no time. Feel free to use the same method with paper clips too.

2. Bump Key

For the second method, you need a Bump key and a screwdriver. The bump keys are easily available in your local market. Insert it into the lock and tap on the lock using a screwdriver. The pressure will make the pins change position and unlock eventually.

How to Open a Jammed Deadbolt Lock?

How to Open a Deadbolt Lock with a Credit Card?

Let’s cut to the chase by letting you know about how you can open a deadbolt lock through a step-by-step guide: 

Step-1: Try To Find the Reason

You can eliminate half of your trouble by finding out the exact reason. A jammed lock can be the consequence of a rusty inner part. Sometimes the weather is wet and windy. Moisture can easily find its way inside the keyhole and remain untouched. The result is a malfunctioning deadbolt lock that won’t turn up.

Another reason can be too hot or too cold temperature. If the weather is too cold most of the time, the inner mechanism of the deadbolt can jam-up. In that case, we recommend you heat it slightly before using the key.

The last and most popular cause is dust. Those open keyways are vulnerable to dust or microparticles entering them. As these particles keep accumulating inside, the precise keyways can lose their design. 

That’s the reason why the key won’t work anymore on a jammed deadbolt lock. It’s because the dust has changed the key pattern significantly.

Step-2: Get Supplies

Next up, you have to collect some supplies to get on the following steps. First of all, you need some powdered graphite or Teflon spray. 

You can also get some TD-40 and 4-in-1 screwdrivers. Make sure you avoid the WD-40. It will ruin efforts by attracting more dirt.

Let’s use kerosine if the problem is rust. As for the tools, get a key extractor, an old key, and a hammer.

Step-3: Spray Some Lubricant

Once you have got all your tools together, try to lube the deadbolt. But, don’t apply the lubricant to the outer area. Use a spray can and carefully spray Teflon or graphite into the keyway. It is great at dissolving any rust that is available inside the lock. 

If the key pattern has been changed due to rust, this trick will bring back the original pattern. 

Step-4: Let It Soak

If the rust appeared only a while ago, a small swipe of kerosine should be just enough. Nevertheless, if the rust has piled up for several months, you need to leave it soaked for some time. 

Note that kerosine has degreasing properties. That’s why it is always used to clean up dirty outdoor tools or equipment.

Step-5: Use a Key 

If you don’t have an applicator as a spray can, you can use any old key for that. Just dip it inside the degreasing ingredient, and push the key inside. Swipe it left and right frequently. 

Plus, once the rust has softened up, you can use the key as a tool to scrape it off the lock. Be gentle and don’t rush the process. You have to be careful not to damage the pattern through aggressive cleaning.

Step-6: Tap with a Hammer

Now, it’s time to add something extra to this process. As you are wiggling the key, grab a small hammer and start tapping on the lock. It’s a double-way trick to bring the inner parts together where they belonged originally. 

Sometimes, the parts can disengage or get dislocated. As you turn the key around and gently tap on the lock, the parts will get the pressure. The disengagement problem can be eliminated swiftly.

Step-7: Unscrew the Bolts

You should be able to open the lock with your real key by now. If not, then try unscrewing the bolts and removing them from the door. You can proceed with this trick if there is a person on the other side of the door. 

The person inside will use screwdrivers to loosen up the bolts. These bolts join the lock into the door. It will take quite some time to remove the bolts one by one.

Step-8: Time to Test

Once you have removed the lock, you can open up the door by yourself without a key. However, be wary of locking the door again. First, test the lock thoroughly. Clean it up and then place it on the door. 

Test the lock while the door is still open. In that case, if the lock somehow malfunctions again, you won’t be trapped inside.

Step-9: Ask For a Professional

Let’s assume that you have gone through all the steps here and still failed to open the jammed deadbolt lock. In this case, call your local locksmith and ask him to help you with this. 

We prefer this method over the DIY steps. Because if you are not patient enough, you can damage the deadbolt lock even more. Plus, they have better access to tools that you don’t know about. It can save your time and effort to a huge extent. 

Of course, you have to pay an hourly wage, but that’s about it!

Did I Answer Everything You Want to Know About How to Open a Deadbolt Lock with a Credit Card?

Picking a deadbolt lock with a card seems pretty easy in movies. That’s the reason why we try to apply the same procedure. People are always asking how to open a deadbolt lock with a credit card. 

It’s a shame that it’s not practical. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay outside the door. You can follow the legit lock-picking methods we mentioned above. Plus, if you have a key and it won’t work on the jammed lock, follow our guide to make it work again.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 

Can I Use Credit Card To Unlock A Latched Lock? Yes, you can use the credit card to open a latched lock. It works for loose spring-bolt locks. You just find a gap between the door frame and the latch and insert the card between them. Then, use your energy to push it against the latch.

How To Use Screwdriver To Unlock The Door? First of all, get yourself a flathead screwdriver. Insert it into the hole below the knob. Once you slide it in, try raking it clockwise. You will hear a loud clip and the door will open.

Can I Use Magnet To Unlock A Deadbolt? Magnets can move the flimsy parts inside the lock. The firm parts are not penetrable by the magnet. It might help you create some friction. But, don’t depend entirely on it. 

How to Open a Deadbolt Lock from the Outside? You can use a driller to destroy the lock altogether. If that seems too harsh, you can try to pick it up with a bobby pin or a paper clip. In this case, you will need expert hands.

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