How to Rekey Emtek Lock? Answered!

In the heavily saturated market of locks, the Emtek lock stands out for its build quality and security. Yet, Emtek lock users have a hard time figuring out how to rekey it!

So, how to rekey emtek lock?

To rekey the Emtek lock, first, you have to get access inside the lock. To do that, remove the doorknob and the cylinder. Then, remove the key ring and the key plug of the lock. Then, remove the old pins and put the new pins and the new key in. Next, insert the plug ring and the key plug back in. Finally, restore the cylinder and put the doorknob back in, and test the lock.

That’s not all the information you’ll need. The necessary steps and much more are given in the article, so read till the end.

How to Rekey an Emtek Lock?

While rekeying a lock might be needed for several reasons, not all locks can be rekeyed. Fortunately, Emtek locks aren’t one of them. Rekeying Emtek locks is possible, even smart EMtouch locks.

However, knowing the required materials and the procedure is important for a successful rekey. Here is the equipment you will be needing to rekey the Emtek lock-

Here’s a step-by-step guideline on rekeying an Emtek lock: 

Step 1: Remove the Doorknob and Cylinder

For this step, align the holes in the cylinder (also known as keyhole). You can do this by turning the doorknob counterclockwise. Also, you can insert the key in the cylinder and turn it a quarter to the right.

Then, remove your doorknob with the remover tool from the kit. After that, rotate the key a quarter to the left and remove the key. Then, push the cylinder from the front. It should slide to the back and you can remove it. 

Step 2: Remove the Clip Ring and Key Plug

In the rekeying kit, you’ll find the tool needed to remove the clip ring. You can remove it while holding the cylinder in place. 

After that, push the key plug from the key housing. Use the pusher device from your kit. Try to remove the key plug correctly. Incorrect key plug removal can cause your keys to get stuck. For example, tubular locks can get stuck halfway due to this.

Step 3: Remove the Old Pins

In this step, you have to take out the old pins from the lock. Safely store the old pins in a container; clear plastic cups are good for this.

Step 4: Insert the New Key and New Pins

Now, you are ready to set up the new key. Insert the new key into the lock and insert the new pins. The order of the new pins should be according to the chart provided in the kit.

Using your finger to set up the new pins can be a frustrating job. To make it easier, you can use tweezers. That way, reaching the tricky areas inside the lock will be much simpler.

Step 5: Insert the Key Plug and Clip Ring

For this step, you will need to push the key plug back into the lock housing. Make sure the key is in place while doing this. After that, push the clip ring back in using the clip ring tool in the kit.

Step 6: Insert the Cylinder and the Doorknob

For the final step, insert the cylinder back into the housing. Additionally, you’ll need to slide the doorknob back in to complete the rekeying process of the Emtek lock. 

If you’re using a Thule key, make sure the doorknob is in place. This will help the situation where the Thule key is stuck.

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