Thule Key Stuck: Quick Fix!

thule key stuck

Thule locks are some of the best locks in the industry. They provide excellent usability and security to their users. Yet, many of the Thule lock users are finding their Thule keys stuck in their locks. This situation is causing the users to be frustrated.

So, what to do when you find the thule key stuck?

Firstly, a broken Thule key can be the reason for the Thule key being stuck. To solve it, you need to wiggle the key out. Secondly, a jammed lock can cause this issue. For the solution, you need to depress the red spring catches and lubricate the lock. Finally, a jammed Thule key inside the lock can cause it to be stuck. To get rid of this, you need to drill out the Thule key.

Although this information is valuable, you’ll need much more details. Read the article till the very end to get all the vital details. 

Reasons and Solutions for Thule Key Stuck

Thule keys can get stuck for multiple reasons, and each of them has a solution. In the table below, all the possible reasons for a Thule key getting stuck are listed. 

You can verify the reasons via the symptoms and solve them via the solutions too! Take a look-

Broken Thule KeyKey Partially Stuck Inside

Parts of Key Missing
Wiggle the Key out
Low TemperatureLocking Mechanism JammedAdd Powdered Graphite to the Locking Mechanism.

Tap on the Box Over the Lock While Turning the Key.

Heat up the Key. 
Jammed KeyThule Key Not Coming out

Thule Key Rotating
Drill out the Thule Key and Replace the Cylinder

Now, let’s elaborate on the reasons, solutions, and symptoms. In the next section, you will find all of the information regarding this issue, have a read!

Reason 1: Broken Thule Key

If a Thule key is broken, it can cause a lot of mishaps. One of them is stuck inside the lock. Broken keys can get stuck pretty easily. The broken pieces of the keys may act as an obstacle when pulling out the key.

Broken Thule Key

The pins can hold the broken pieces of the key, which can cause it not to come out. Excessive force can break any key, including the Thule key. It’s applicable to all physical keys. In such cases, smart locks with home assistants can be greatly helpful. 


The solution to this problem is to wiggle the key out of the lock. You can use paper clips to wiggle out the Thule key. Find the ridged side of the key and put pressure on the paperclip there. Try pulling out the Thule key.

If that doesn’t work, you can try pulling out the broken key using a glue stick. Heat the top end of the glue stick with a lighter until it melts, then stick it inside the keyhole. Let the melted section become cool and solid, and pull out the glue stick.

The glue stick should come out with the broken part of the key. Alternatively, if enough key stem’s sticking out of the keyhole, you can pull it out using a plier.

Reason 2: Low Temperature

The second reason for this problem is low temperature. When the temperature is really low, the locking mechanism inside a lock tends to jam up. As a result, the key gets stuck and it gets pretty hard to pull the key out.

Faulty and roughened lock mechanisms can also cause this problem. For this reason, you may inspect other locks like Schlage, deadbolt, and tubular locks stuck halfway.


If the temperature is low and your Thule key is stuck, this is the perfect solution for you. First, apply some powdered graphite on the locks and on the locking mechanism on the rear and front. 

After adding the powdered graphite, repeatedly tab on the top of the box whilst turning the key. Additionally, you can heat up the key using a lighter. This can open a frozen lock.
A pro tip would be to lubricate your locks regularly. This will prevent a lot of problems in the future, as well as make it easy to unlock it.

Jammed Key

Reason 3: Jammed Key

If none of the solutions above are working, there’s a great chance you have a jammed Thule key. When a key is jammed inside a lock, it requires brute force approaches to remove the key from the lock.

A broken Thule key can get jammed inside the lock. Additionally, a Thule key that becomes misaligned after being inserted in the lock can also get jammed. But hey, it is possible to solve this issue.


The solution is to drill the key cylinder and replace it with a new one. This solution completely scraps the Thule key and the cylinder of your lock.

First, take the ring of the cylinder out of the way and store it. Next, you’ll have to drill the lock cylinder using a drill machine.

Make sure to use a ¼ inch drill bit and drill right at the center. Finally, replace the lock cylinder with a new one and put the cylinder ring back on. 

Note that you will require a new Thule key after this process. If you have a duplicate of your old Thule key, you can consider rekeying the lock.

You can avoid these problems by choosing keyless security. Choosing a keyless door lock will be the perfect head start in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What happens if I lost my Thule key?

If you lost your Thule key, you can order an alternative key. By providing the stamped number behind the key, you can make a copy of the key. If you don’t have the number, try possible keys or call a locksmith to take care of this situation.

Can Thule keys be duplicated?

Yes, Thule keys can be duplicated. You will require the lock number and the key number to fully duplicate a Thule key. Without these two pieces of information, the Thule key cannot be duplicated.

Can you cut a Thule key?

Yes, you can cut a Thule key. In fact, the Thule N Series keys are designed in a way that they can be cut accurately and quickly. But, only resort to modifying the Thule key if needed. 


This is the finish line for this article. We hope that you know why is your thule key stuck and the solutions for it. 

If you are unsure about anything, it’s better not to mess with this situation. Let a locksmith handle the situation, which can make the process easier for both of you.

Good luck!

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