Magnetic door lock system not working: causes and solutions

The magnetic door lock system not working - 3 best tips

Now, companies are trying to come up with more and more ways to secure customers by creating new types of locks, such as the magnetic door lock system. Automatic doors are popular because they allow you to create secure entrances even inside your home, such as your office, where you don’t want other people to enter.

Even though an electromagnetic lock is one of the most convenient types of door locks, users may have problems using this door lock and misunderstand exactly how to avoid breakdowns.

If this problem is relevant to you, then this article will help you.

We will analyze what are the causes of the issue with magnetic door locks, and how to properly install and maintain door locks. Moreover, you can also learn how to fix, test, and troubleshoot your electromagnetic lock system.

What is a magnetic door lock?

A magnetic door lock system is a system within which electricity is making magnetic force produced and allows the door to open or close. A magnetic door can be an automatic door, but it will simply open constantly, usually, special access tools are installed for these types of locks, such as a key card or fobs.

Electromagnetic locks are a completely safe option and in many situations are even more trustworthy than conventional mechanical locks. Mechanical locks can be broken simply by using special key-changing tools, while a magnetic door lock system does not even have places where other things can be used other than special magnetic access devices.

The magnetic force can withstand almost any voltage and, due to its physical qualities, it will be impossible for someone who wants to break into a house or room to hack or bypass electromagnetic systems if they are fully functional.

How to install magnetic door lock

Very often, problems with the electromagnetic lock system arise due to improper installation, as the system is very fragile and requires special care to work properly and create the effect of magnetic force.

Below, you can find step-by-step instructions that will help you to successfully install the magnetic lock on your automatic door without damaging the entrance itself.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to protect yourself, turn off the electricity in particular for the power supply, so as not to harm yourself with an electric shock. Now you can connect all the wires to the electromagnetic lock power supply. Also, make sure you have holes for the door lock in the wall and the door itself.

Step 2

Now you need to study the instructions for the adhesive sheets that are attached specifically to your electromagnetic lock. 

If you read everything correctly, exactly how your adhesive sheets work, then you can attach a door lock to one sheet, and a door frame to the second. Now you have to secure the result, to do this, use the striker plate and bolt, and make sure the door frame and lock are fully secured.

Step 3

Finally, you just need to check if you connected all the fasteners correctly. To do this, take a look at all the screws and bolts. And only when you make sure that the magnetic door lock is properly attached to the door, you can use the battery backup power supply.

How to maintain a magnetic door lock?

Even if you completely followed the instructions and installed the electromagnetic door lock system correctly, still without properly maintaining the door lock, it can easily start to fail. First, you must constantly make sure that the lock is clean and free of any dust or dirt deposits, as this can cause breakage.

Secondly, try to regularly check the condition of the magnetic locks for rust. Even if you have not noticed obvious signs of rust, you should pay attention to the level of moisture and temperature inside the room or outside. It is moisture and high temperature that provokes the development of rust.

Pay attention to the operation of the lock, even if there are subtle deviations from normal opening, such as a time delay.

Causes of faulty magnetic door locks

To prevent problems inside magnetic door lock systems, you should, first of all, know what exactly can cause these problems. Below, you can see the reasons that cause breakage inside the magnetic lock:

Door misalignment

The armature plate and lock must be in the correct position, not misaligned. The armature plate is responsible for the proper connection between the doors and the magnetic locks, and if the plate is not level, then you will have issues with the lock.

Also, the condition of the door itself may be a problem, for example, damaged fasteners after years or due to weather.

Wear and tear

Magnetic locks can wear out, especially if you don’t take care of them. Furthermore, after years, the faulty power supply loses its effectiveness.

Wear is especially common with door locks that have poor-quality components inside or are installed with poor-quality materials, such as broken and rusty bolts.

Faulty electronics

Magnetic locks are considered to be electromagnetic locks, which means that their robot is completely dependent on electronics. Most often, the problem with electronics is related to the magnet itself or the cables.

Magnetic door lock’s electronics can be checked by yourself or with the help of a specialist.

The main thing is to understand why exactly the cable or magnet failed, perhaps the problem is an overload of the electrical system or the low-quality material of the cables and magnet themselves.

How do you fix a door magnet? 

There is no single method for fixing all breakdowns inside the magnetic door lock, since different problems require different solutions, depending on the cause of the breakdown, the model, and the type of magnetic door lock.  

The only issue that a large number of users face and the method of solving it is the same for almost all models is fixing a broken power supply.

You need a new power supply that matches your magnetic door lock system.

First, you need to open the compartment in which the power supply is located, you can do this with a screwdriver.

Then cut off the old wires from the previous block and place the new power supply, while connecting the new wires, make sure you align their polarity correctly.

How do you test a maglock? 

Even the process of checking the magnetic door lock system is individual for each type of lock. You can find information on how to test the model of the magnetic door in the instructions that come with the lock or by referring to the user manual. Below, you can find an example of such instruction for FingerTec door Access.

First, you need to check if the controllers and buttons are working. To do this, press the button and see how the lock reacts.

If suddenly your lock does not open, check the wiring first, and then the cables, to see if they are damaged.

If everything is fine, but the door does not open, try updating the software and refer to the user manual.

Troubleshooting steps 

After you have learned what exactly causes problems with the magnetic door lock system, it’s time to understand exactly how to avoid the appearance of breakdowns inside your lock.

Below, you can find troubleshooting steps that will help you use electromagnetic door locks for as long as possible.

Step 1

The first thing you should always check is the door mechanisms. The magnetic lock is most likely to break if there is any misalignment in the mount. You need to check all magnetic door components, such as door hinges. You should look for any possible looseness in the fastener and fix it immediately with a wrench or other tool.

Step 2

The automatic door closer must also always be in good working order. If you haven’t noticed and the door closer is broken, the oil will start to flow from it, which will prevent the magnetic doors from opening and closing properly. Moreover, it will cause wear and tear to the entire magnetic door lock system.

Step 3

Lastly, you should always inspect the power supply and cables of the magnetic lock. They are the main source of electricity for the magnetic force to be present in your castle, ensuring the security of the premises. If the power supply or cables are broken, the magnetic door lock may stop working altogether, leaving your door permanently open.


How do you troubleshoot a maglock?

Magnetic door look systems must be checked from all sides, i.e., from the power supply to the wiring system. Moreover, you need to check the state of the door itself to troubleshoot a maglock.

What happens when a magnetic lock loses power?

The magnetic door lock systems without power and charge will just turn off. This means that your door will be constantly open and you will not be able to close it in any way, thereby losing the protection of the territory.

What causes a maglock to stick?

Magnetic doors will stick if their power supplier will get broken. That is why you should always check the performance of the power supply to be sure that the magnetic door lock systems are working.


We hope that after reading this article the magnetic lock system will become a much more convenient type of lock for you. Moreover, now you understand what causes problems with magnetic door locks and how to troubleshoot magnetic individual door locks.

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