RFID lock: what is RFID lock and how to use it? 

How To Use RFID Lock: Best Helpful Guide & Review

Technology has already advanced to the point where you can be content with electronic access to things that were previously only available with special tools, like doors.

Previously, people had to constantly carry keys with them, which were easily lost and rang just as unpleasantly loud when you took them out.

Moreover, the most unpleasant situation was when the key did not fit the lock due to a mechanical problem and the appearance of some kind of malfunction from time to time, such as rust. Wanting to overcome the old problems associated with a conventional lock, an RFID door lock was invented.

RFID door locks have not only solved the problem for people who simply don’t like the traditional method of using a mechanical lock, but have become an ideal alternative for hotels as an easy way to maximize security.

In this article, we will analyze what exactly an RFID lock is, what type of RFID lock is suitable for you, and whether you should use an RFID door lock instead of a regular lock.

rfid lock

What is RFID technology? 

RFID technology stands for radio frequency identification technology.

The most convenient thing about this system is that it is contactless, that is, for the RFID reader to be able to activate, you do not need full credentials, for example, a card to the reader.

For the RFID door lock system to work properly, all parts, such as RFID tags, must be installed.

To use the RFID lock you need to have an RFID chip or keycard with you. These kinds of “keys” have RFID tags, which allow the lock to recognize the owner and open the door.

Hotel RFID locks 

For many, the question arises, what about RFID door locks work in hotels, if you are the owner of an RFID key card or fob and you can return to the building at any time, even at the end of your vacation, since your identity is entered into the data.

However, this is not the case, the hotel staff registers you in the RFID system in advance, after which they enter the period that you will be considered the owner and give you the card. In this way, even if you lose your card or key fob, no one will be able to use it.

Benefits of using RFID lock in the hotel 

If suddenly you want to create your hotel or rent apartments with RFID lock, you need to know in advance what kind of advantages there are of such a choice. First, of course, an RFID lock is a safe system for your clients and no one can break into them in any case.

Secondly, making a card is a much less expensive process than making a card, moreover, if the card is lost, you can simply break the connection between the lock and the lost card, which is impossible to do with a normal key.

Thirdly, RFID locks, although they will be quite expensive at first, will need much less maintenance than conventional locks, since there are no mechanical parts inside the RFID system that rub against each other and can eventually wear out.  

Moreover, the RFID system is a convenient way to keep track of who is trying to get into the room using another card and also keep track of who is already living in your hotel.

Types of RFID door lock control systems 

In general, there are several types of RFID access control systems, which differ precisely in the frequency of operation.

Below you can see each of the 3 types of RFID lock access control systems.

Low frequency 

This type of RFID lock requires that the credentials, namely a card or key fob, be no more than 0.3 ft away so that the RFID reader can read the information and eventually open the door.

This option is very often used in business centers and offices since it is easier to store card keys in such places.

The advantage of the low-frequency RFID access control system is the fact that this is the usual way to open the door and you won’t even need to get the chip, the main thing is at least 0.3 ft away. The downside of course is the fact that the distance is too small and will not work in a situation where there is an obstacle between you and the door.

High frequency 

The second type of RFID door lock access control system is high frequency. They read information from the credentials at a distance of up to one meter and have a frequency of about 13.56 MHz. This type of RFID door lock system is especially often used in special room layouts associated with the NFC system since NFC and RFID have the same frequencies.

The advantage of using this type of system is the fact that you won’t have to get too close to the doors and wait for them to activate. On the other hand, the door will be activated from a distance of 0.3 ft, which means that if you get closer, the door will not be able to open from the chip.

Ultra-high frequency 

And the last type of RFID lock access control system is ultra-high frequency. This means that the lock will be activated if the credentials come within 328 ft. Most often, this type of system is used for rooms in which vehicles are stored, such as garages, since with this frequency it is easiest to open the gate while sitting in the vehicle.

The advantage of using this type of access control system is the ability to use it in rooms where you do not enter but drive in something since you will not need to get out of the transport, which is convenient. However, very often with this system, there are problems associated with the interception of data.

Types of RFID locks in a hotel 

However, smart locks differ not only in the frequency with which the system is accessed but also in the same ways to unlock smart locks.

Below you can see each RFID door lock type and how to open it correctly.

RFID hotel door lock with card

The first type is an RFID door lock with a card lock. This means that you will need an access card or key fob to open such a lock. Most often, this type of RFID door lock looks like a black panel, to which you need to bring a card, and a pen.

These types of locks are most often found in hotels, as they are very easy to use.

RFID keypad, password hotel lock 

The second type is RFID door locks, which are opened with a password. This means that you pre-embed a digital password into your RFID door lock system.

This lock has a numeric keypad, a lock cylinder, and a handle. Such locks are most often suitable for office premises or rooms with especially valuable things.

RFID biometric hotel lock

The last type of RFID door lock is one of the most unusual and at the same time private. This type of lock uses parts of the human body as a “key”, most often these body parts are fingerprints since they are unique for each user.

Each Biometric RFID lock has a panel that is responsible for recognizing a particular part of the body, whether it be a face or a finger.

Advantages and disadvantages of RFID locks 

RFID door locks are truly an attribute of modernity and the introduction of technology into even the smallest details of your home.

However, it is worthwhile to understand in advance whether you need an RFID lock.


Below you can find a list of the benefits of using RFID locks that will help you understand why you should install them in your home after all.

No more shedding keys 

Firstly, you will no longer need to carry keys with you.

Also, you will stop constantly worrying about losing them somewhere, especially if you have biometric or keypad RFID door locks.

RFID cards

If you use RFID cards or key fobs, you will be able to limit its access control even without having it with you.

This is especially useful if you have lost your key card.

Sharing access to the apartment 

You may need to allow other people, such as your partner or family, to use the apartment. Unlike a regular lock, you will not need to create a copy of the keys.

If you have a biometric RFID door, you will need to enter their data into the system, if you use a keypad, then just tell the person the password.

Fast unlocking 

You will be able to get into the apartment much faster since the access control system works instantly as soon as you appear near the door.

Less replacement 

Just as mentioned earlier, traditional locks have mechanical parts that can rust and wear out, this problem cannot arise with RFID locks.


However, despite the huge number of values ​​of RFID locks, you still should not forget about the disadvantages that may arise when using this lock to be ready for them.

Incorrect codes

RFID door is made in such a way that if the password is incorrect in the water, they immediately have a connection with the security services. On the one hand, these are advantages.

But on the other hand, if, for example, you forgot the card from the lock to access control or a member of your family does not know the password, problems may arise.

Forgetting code

It may be that you have lost your traditional keys, but the situation that you have forgotten your password or lost your card can also happen.

And in this case, you will need to call technical support and completely change the characteristics of your lock to access control.

Power outage 

And finally, no electrical system is stable, and even very rarely, a power outage occurs. In the case of a traditional lock, this will not affect you in any way.

However, in the case of an RFID door, you will not be able to access the control, and the system may even fail due to an unexpected loss of electricity.

Instruction on repairing RFID door lock (1000)

Ordinary door locks and RFID door locks can be damaged, so you need to know in advance exactly how you can restore the operation of your lock.

Below you can find a list of steps that will help you repair your RFID lock.

Step 1

First, you need to check the status of your RFID door battery. To do this, you need to activate the lock and see if eight sound alerts have sounded. If not, then you should change the battery and try again.

Step 2

Perhaps the problem is in your system card and it is it that needs to be replaced.

In this case, look at the indicator and what color it lights up.

If it is lit red and there are four beeps, then you need to change the RFID door system card.

Step 3

If everything is OK with the system card and the RFID door battery, but the indicator is yellow, then the problem is most likely in the card itself, which activates the lock.

Step 4

In this case, you will need to use the emergency card type to activate your RFID door.

Step 5

You need to wait and then re-activate the lock with the help of the emergency card, now a yellow glow should appear on it again and you will hear three sound alerts, this will mean that the RFID door has been activated using the emergency card.


How does an RFID lock work?

RFID is contactless locks that recognize information through radio sensors.

This means that if you use a card or fob you can even just stand next to the door and the RFID lock will be activated via the RFID reader.

Are RFID locks safe?

RFID lock is safe, especially if we are talking about biometric type.

Moreover, this lock is made specifically to make it harder to intercept information than when using a regular Bluetooth lock.

What is RFID unlock?

RFID lock can be activated when the special card is being used making the system trigger and unlock.

However, instead of a card, there may be other tools, such as a digital password.

What is RFID card lock? 

As we said earlier, even though the RFID door locks system is contactless and recognizes information through radio sensors, however, some tags can be built into the so-called RFID card or chips, depending on which tool is more suitable for you.

RFID system card lock is a lock for which a card is used, and you can either use a regular card from the company or make your card, for example, if you have a hotel or hostel and you want to make your design, however, an RFID tag must be built in inside.


RDIF lock is a good way to secure your room, house, or garage, especially if you want to make everything in your house dependent on electricity. However, before buying an RFID door lock, you should make sure that you are prepared for all the unexpected and fully understand how the lock systems work. 

We hope that after reading this article you are much more familiar with how smart locks with radio frequency access control work. Moreover, now you know what types of RFID locks are and how you can repair your RFID lock yourself.

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