Schlage FE595 troubleshooting – issues and ways for fixing

Schlage FE595 Troubleshooting: Best Helpful Guide & Tips

Schlage FE595 is a smart lock that can be unlocked with regular keys or user codes – with simple programming codes, even those who are not IT specialists can set up the Schlage lock. In this article, we will look through the main issues that can appear during the use of Schlage FE595 and ways for fixing them.

schlage fe595 troubleshooting

Schlage FE595 troubleshooting

Common issues

First, check these moments before going any further:

  • Battery – the very first issue might be in your battery. It may have not enough power or be installed incorrectly.
  • Structural damage – check if visible parts of the lock are intact. The device’s long use can lead to corrosion and damage to the lock itself.
  • Small debris – if the device accepts user codes but doesn’t unlock properly – the issue might be within the latch pad.

Sometimes the issue might lie not within the lock, but within the door itself.

If it’s not properly installed, it may hinder the work of the deadbolt and some mechanical features like the turn lock feature.

Locking/unlocking issues

Unlock mode

If the Schlage keypad lock has problems with locking, check if the “unlock mode” is active.

If the thumb turns on the inside panel and is set to the vertical position, the lock won’t require a code or key and will always be unlocked.

Turn the thumb turn into a horizontal position to exit this mode.

Vacation mode

If the Schlage FE595 doesn’t open when entering a code, “vacation mode” might be activated.

Turn it off to enable user codes.

First, you need to deactivate “vacation mode” by entering your current programming code. The Schlage button will light green and beep once. After that, you can use your current user code.

Light issues

If the Schlage button flashes red, it might have one of the following reasons:

-The entered code is incorrect – try to enter the correct code again

-The battery is critically low on power – replace the batteries

-Wrong programming code used – try again with the correct one again or reset and use the default code.

-The Schlage FE595 is locked during programming – unlock it and try again.

Programming code issues

If you forgot your current programming code, you need to reset it to the default one. The default programming code can be found in the user manual and on the back of the keypad assembly. After resetting, you need to set up a new programming code.

If you have trouble changing the current programming code – check if a number sequence is correct.

As a reserve, you can revert it back to the default programming code.

Suppose all the above tips cannot help you solve programming code issues. You can do a factory reset on your lock so that all of its settings will automatically return to their factory defaults, and you can start using the device with the default programming code and preset user codes and later set a new user code.


This article about Schlage FE595 troubleshooting described the main issues you might encounter when taking care of the smart device, so you can ensure your Schlage FE595 works at its best performance and your home stays safe at all times.

Schlage FE595 troubleshooting F.A.Q.

What does a blinking red light on a Schlage lock mean?

There are several situations when your Schlage button might be blinking red:

-Red light with two beeps while entering your user code – entered code is incorrect.

-Red light after green light, together with high and low beeps while entering your user code – user codes are disabled via “Vacation mode”.

-Red light followed by green, together with unlocking delay when opening the door – battery is low on energy.

-Constant blinking red light – the battery is critically low on energy.

-Red light when adding a new user code – the amount of user codes exceeds the allowed amount.

-Red light when confirming operation with two user codes or programming codes – the second code was entered incorrectly.

-Red light with two beeps when programming the lock – an incorrect number entered after the programming code.

How do I reset my Schlage FE595?

Sometimes to fix issues listed higher, you need to perform a lock reset. Prepare the default codes for this procedure.

To restore factory settings, perform the following steps:

Disconnect the battery from the keypad assembly.
Press the Schlage button.
Reconnect the battery and wait until the Schlage button stops glowing.
Within ten seconds, hold the Schlage button until it lights green again and the lock beeps.
You will need the default programming code and default user codes to further set up the lock.

How do you unlock a Schlage keypad with a dead battery?

You can use your key or perform an emergency jump start for the lock:
Connect a new battery and wait until the lock beeps.
Unlock the door with the battery still connected.
Enter the user code and rotate the thumb turn toward the hinges.
Replace the old battery.

How do I know if my Schlage battery is low?

The Schlage button blinks red constantly.

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