SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding: how to fix it

SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding - 5 top ways to fix it

SimpliSafe Smart locks may be one of the best protection locks in the house when locking the door that you can install. The smart lock is easy to install in the house, affordable, and has the best customer support. But even such smart locks that you install may be broken, running low, or may have some kind of malfunction.

The SimpliSafe smart lock not responding is a common problem.

And if you have such a problem with a door lock in your house, you will find the solution in this article. 

Why is SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding?

The problem when you can not see that SimpliSafe Smart Lock responds is quite usual and often. SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting is possible.

Before going to SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting, you need to find out what exactly caused the responding issues.

It is certain, that there are several reasons for the issue. This trouble doesn’t require you to contact the locksmith. 

Reasons why SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding


Malfunction of the Smart Lock often happens because of interference of locks in the house and the lock can’t be connected to you. This can occur from different sources, which are Wi-Fi, other electronic devices in your house, or Bluetooth. 

Interference: how to fix this issue

SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting in case of interference can be fixed. You need to do several things.

Step 1

You need to move the SimpliSafe system closer to your router.

Step 2

You need to turn off those Bluetooth devices, which are in the range of the SimpliSafe system.

Step 3

Or you should unplug electronic devices which are in the range of the SimpliSafe system. 

Problems with the batteries

When the battery of your SimpliSafe is low or damaged or with a battery of the key fob, it may cause a malfunction in the Smart Lock. It also may be caused when we recently changed, but not installed the battery correctly. You need to remove and replace them with fresh ones or reinstall the batteries and replace them in the key fob as well. Install them correctly.

Install the correct app

Your Smart Lock may not respond to you just because the app you installed is wrong. It is the app with which the Lock cannot connect naturally. Now you have to make sure that the app you install is correct, that it is the SimpliSafe app. If it is not, you need to install the correct app.

You are is out of range

Your SimpliSafe Smart Lock may not respond to you because your phone is out of range of the SimpliSafe base station in your house and the SimpliSafe Smart Lock system can’t be connected to you.

The simplisafe is offline

You can not get a response from your Lock also because the SimpliSafe is offline and can’t get the connection, unlock the door and get access to the house.

Check the internet connection. This SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting often works.

Your account is not active

Make your account active to get access and to solve the trouble. Install the app and get an account.

These locks work with an account-based system and require active accounts.

The code is incorrect

If you input the wrong code in the keypad accidentally, then the Smart Lock will not respond. The error message can appear with the trouble. You can hear that the code is wrong.

Input the correct code to the door lock, if you want to get access.

These were the reasons why the SimpliSafe Smart Lock system may not respond to you and unlocks the door of your house. 

Let’s take a look at other ways of SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting: Instructions

To repair your Smart Lock, follow the instructions.

Check the power button

You need to make sure that the power button is pressed firmly.

Check the Wi-Fi network

You should check out that your Wi-Fi connection is set. And check if the Wi-Fi network works.

You can do it in Settings. Choose the Wi-Fi on your iOS device.

Check the Bluetooth connection

You need to enable Bluetooth. You should do it in the Setting as well.

Go this way: Settings, then General, and only then Bluetooth.

Check the updated

Sometimes the problem occurs because you have forgotten to install the latest update of the SimpliSafe app on your phone.

If the version of the app that you install is old, it is no longer supported.

So, you need to make sure that the version is the newest, and install it in case it is not.

Restart your Smart Lock

If nothing helped, then you need to restart the Smart Lock. Press and hold the “Lock” button. 

You have restarted your Smart Lock when the light in the lock flashes three times.

This SimpliSafe Smart Lock troubleshooting sometimes works.

Reset your Smart Lock

Another way is a hard reset of your Smart Lock.

But you have to be warned that resetting will delete the stored data and will simply restore it to its factory settings.

reset: instructions

Step 1

You need to disconnect the battery. You will find it on the back of the lock.

Step 2

You should press and hold the power button. 

Step 3

Now you need to reconnect the battery.

Step 1

You have to enter your master code + 0 + 0 #.

The process is accomplished when the light turns green.

Modify the Z-Wave settings

You need to modify your Z-Wave settings if you have a Z-Wave security system.

When the Lock system is not there, it may cause problems, such as SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding.

The instructions

Step 1

To do this, you need to open the Z-Wave interface and then find the “Inclusion” or the “Network Management” menu.

Step 2

There you will find an option that will allow you to add new devices to your network.

Step 3

Then you will need to write your ID number on the Lock there.

Final note

When you have added the device, the issue may be solved correctly. 


Why is my Smart Lock not responding?

SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding issue is simple, there may be several reasons why it appears with a door lock.

Your Wi-Fi connection may be wrong, your code may be incorrect, or the problem is with the SimpliSafe app.

In conclusion: you can fix the issue

You may feel very confused when your Lock is not responding. But do not worry, you have all the means to solve it, unlock the door, and get access to your house.

You should just check them all until you find the reason which fits your certain problem.

If they don’t work, then the problem with the door lock is serious, and you should look for further assistance. Wonder How to Program Lockly Smart Lock, read

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