Best Lock For Pods: Top 3 Picks of 2023

best lock for pods

Security for storage containers is a crucial concerning factor. To rely on a lock to hold your valuable possessions can give you a sleepless night. The fact that you’re reading this piece at this moment proves it.

So, what are the best lock for pods?

The best lock for pods are ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy, The ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock, and Master Lock M50XD. The ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy and ABUS 20/70 Diskus locks are both high-quality and resistant to tampering. The Master Lock M50XD is a more affordable option with reliable security.

Can’t decide on your pod lock yet? Then learn more details about these locks in our full discussion. Let’s continue!

Best Locks for Pods

These are our picks on the best Pod locks. Unlike 4-digit combination padlocks, these are pretty easy to use yet highly reliable. Here’s a glimpse of a few details about them.

Lock DimensionUnique FeaturesPrice 
ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock, Keyed Different3.09 x 1.53 x 3.06”Best Premium Pod Lock Check Latest Price
ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock2.75 x 2.75 x 2.5”Best Value For Money Check Latest Price

Master Lock M50XD Magnum Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Discus Padlock with Key
6.2 x 5.88 x 1.5”Best Affordable Pod Lock Check Latest Price

Let’s move on to the detailed discussions on these locks.

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock:

Best Premium Pod Lock:


  • Brand: ABUS
  • Manufacturer: ABUS
  • Lock Type: Key Lock, Combination Lock
  • Lock Dimensions (L x W x H): ‎3.09 x 1.53 x 3.06 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎2.4 Pounds
  • Shackle Diameter: 9/16”
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Brass
  • Key type: ABUS plus key, combination, dimple key, paracentric key
  • Color: Black
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Control Method: App
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium

Unique Feature:

  • Assures tensile strength of 25,000 tons
  • Incorporates 7 discs in the cylinder.
  • Have 250,000 different keys possibility.
  • Have anti-corrosion coating which makes it perfectly weatherproof
  • The cylinder can be rekeyed to match an existing key.


  • Highly corrosion resistance
  • Contains heavy-duty shrouded shackle
  • Has high tensile strength
  • Can withstand the harshest weather
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • The cylinder is made from hardened steel
  • Comes with 2 keys. 
  • 1 key is equipped with an LED light.
  • Very high pulling resistance.
  • The padlock is shackle guarded
  • The design is highly resistant to lock picking.


  • The shackle clearance is small. Thus may have trouble fitting some hasps
  • Heavy-weight
  • expensive

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy is one of the best padlocks manufactured by them. The lock is made out of the hardest steel alloy which makes it extremely resistant to harsh environments.

Compared to hardened stainless steel and boron carbide, it is much stronger and more durable. Usual high-security padlocks can withstand a pulling strength of around 10,000 pounds. 

Whereas 37/80 Granit alloy can withstand 25,000 tons giving it the maximum security strength. ABUS scaled it to a solid 10 on their security level. 

The cylinder inside is guarded and has protection against drilling, sawing, and bolt cutting. Due to its building material, it’s nearly impenetrable.

Like other locks, it comes with two keys, but one has a built-in LED. It helps you find the keyhole in the dark. The cylinder itself can be adjusted with a new key.

While buying it, you’ll be given a security card with it. To make another key that matches the lock you’ve to submit the security card to the dealer in person.

So no one can match your lock keys. No worries about lock picking either. Because even with high skill and patience the chance of successfully picking the lock is zero.

Even the legendary locksmith lawyer recommends it-[1398] A Padlock I’d Use: Abus Granit 37RK/80 (Pick & Gut)

So, this is definitely our top choice among the three padlocks.

ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock:

Best Value For Money:


  • Brand: ABUS
  • Manufacturer: ABUS
  • Lock Type: Key lock
  • Control Type: App
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.60 ounces
  • Bolt size: ⅜” diameter   
  • Shackle diameter: 25/26 inches
  • Shackle clearance: 21/32
  • Body width: 2-¾
  • ABUS security level: 9
  • Key type: ABUS plus key, combination, dimple key, paracentric key
  • Material: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Color: ‎Silver 
  • Finish Type: Polished
  • Item Shape: Round

Unique Features:

  • It contains an anti-drill plate
  • The package includes two keys as well as a code to fabric more keys


  • The design is pry-resistant.
  • Has stainless steel body and hardened steel bolt
  • Thick 38-inch bolt
  • Spare keys are produced upon submission of the Key Code Card
  • The shackle is made from hardened steel
  • It is double bolted as the shackle is secured from both sides by bolts
  • There’s a shackle guard that protects the shackle from getting attacked or damaged
  • The cylinder has protection against leverage, drilling, and sawing
  • Has 360-degree protection due to the original Diskus design
  • No battery requirement 
  • Anti-cut plate
  • Weatherproof 


  • Costlier than other disc locks

ABUS 20/70 Diskus definitely makes it to the top list of padlocks after ABUS 37/80 Granit alloy. It is scaled to ABUS security level 9 out of 20. 

Which makes it much more suitable as a POD lock. Its whole body is made out of hardened stainless steel. It might not be as tough as hardened steel alloy, but it’s still highly durable.

The shackle is protected from two ends with 38 inches hardened stainless steel bolt. It secures the shackle effectively against any prying. 

Which is also due to having a disc cylinder design. The cylinder forms a tight fit around the hasp. So the majority of the hasp stays concealed. 

That’s why even with a lock cutter, accessing the lock will be extremely difficult. Additionally, it has an anti-drill plate which makes it exceptional from other disc locks.

Drilling or sawing doesn’t work on this lock thanks to this feature. So, you can easily use this lock for containers or storage units with a medium risk of break-ins.

This lock comes with 2 keys. Even if you lose both of them more keys can be made upon the submission of the Key Code Card. The key code card holds the unique code number of the specific lock.

So, making other copies is also hassle-free. ABUS also ace in making the best smart locks for home assistants.

Master Lock M50XD:

Best Affordable Pod Lock:


  • Brand: Master Lock
  • Manufacturer: Master Lock
  • Lock Type: Key Lock
  • Lock Dimensions (L x W x H): ‎‎6.2 x 5.88 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.96 ounces / 0.06 pounds
  • Body width: 3-1/8in (79mm)
  • Shackle Length: 11/16 inches 
  • Shackle Width:1-7/32 in (31mm)
  • Shackle Diameter:7/16 in (11mm)
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Round
  • Battery Requirement: none

Unique Features:

  • Contains a four-pin cylinder to make the lock highly pick resistant
  • Has reinforced scratch-resistant body 
  • The shrouded shackle design minimizes its exposure and prevents bolt-cutter attacks


  • Budget-friendly
  • Usable for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Comes with an octagonal boron-carbide tough-cut shackle
  • Can be used as garage locks, trailer locks, shed locks, pod locks, and moving truck lock
  • The body is made out of boron-carbide which is 50% stronger than hardened steel
  • Has two keys and one padlock
  • Has protection against drilling and bolt-cutter attack


  • Has complaints on key breaking inside the lock
  • More suitable for indoor use
  • Minimal shrouding
  • Not weatherproof

The Master Lock M50XD is one of the best picks with a limited budget. It might not be as hard and durable as the previously mentioned ones. But it gives quite a decent service with a limited budget. 

It’s hard to get a lock of this caliber in the price that it offers. It has protection against bolter-cutter attacks or drilling. Its body is made out of boron-carbide which is stronger than hardened steel.

So you won’t have to worry about the strength of the lock. However, if budget is not a problem then we recommend you pick one from the above two.

Because the M50XD has some downsides as well. Customers report key problems saying the key often breaks inside the lock. It also is not a weatherproof lock unlike the previous two. 

So, it doesn’t hold up pretty well in harsh weather. In extreme climates, it’s better not to use it outdoors. However, master lock or brinks offer the best lock in this price range. 

What To Look For In Pod Locks? A Complete Guide

Now, we’ve put together a guide to show you what to look for when searching for the best pod locks.


When choosing a pod lock material plays a vital role. If the material is not strong enough it can be drilled, sawed, or get broken by a bolt cutter. It also has to be strong enough not to get pulled out by heavyweight. 

These are possible by strong materials like hardened steel, boron-carbide, boron-hardened steel alloy, etc. Locks made from these materials are durable. 

Materials like plastic, brass, aluminum, or plain stainless steel padlocks are not worth enough to spend money.


The design of a padlock determines its capability immensely. A padlock that has a long shackle leaves an opening for a robber to hook a claw bar. 

When choosing a lock for the outdoors, this type of lock is to be avoided like a plague. When choosing a padlock, make sure the shackle is totally concealed by the body or the shoulders.

This kind of shackle disappears inside the hasp. So, no one can use tools on it to pry them open. Another important factor about the design is the keyway mechanics.

Locks with angle cuts and rotating pins are impossible to unlock with another key.  Locks that have replaceable pins are also a good option. 

So, even if you lose the key, you can make a new pair and make the old one irrelevant. Even if someone is tailing you, with the pins switched the old key won’t be a threat.

Indoor Vs Outdoor:

Outdoor storage requires much stronger security than indoor storage. A little vulnerability can be a big opportunity for thieves. Outdoor locks also have to be weatherproofed.

Hasp Size:

Previously we mentioned that lock designs where the shackle is concealed by a hasp are more secure. But to have that mechanism the shackle clearance needs to be tiny. 

The shackle has to slip through the hasp’s hole and reach the locking latch on the other edge. The strength of the hasp must never be compromised. Even if it is to fit the design, it should have a solid structure.


Padlocks are available from $5 to $5,000. Cheaper padlocks are poor in quality and are not reliable. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a few thousand on pod locks.

You will find many decent pod locks with a medium budget. But if it’s reliable, the money spent on it is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does a yellow lock on a storage unit mean?

A yellow lock on storage generally means the storage is available for rent. Storage rental companies usually place a red lock on storage that has a rent fee due. Until the tenant pays the overdue he/she can’t access their belongings.

Which company makes the best disc padlock?

ABUS manufactures the best disc padlocks for a long time now. Their ABUS Diskus series is the most popular and widely used disc padlock series. These padlocks come in various sizes. 

Can I put a traditional padlock on my storage locker?

Yes, you can put traditional padlocks in your storage locker. However, it must meet the given conditions by the self-storage companies. Self-storage companies place a size requirement on the locks that can be used. They may also have additional requirements like a small or thick shackle is needed.


That was all from us on the best lock for pods. So, which one is your pick among the suggested ones? Hopefully, you made the right choice. 

Don’t forget to check out all the criteria we mentioned in our buying guide. Also, check out if the product comes with any warranty service. It might come in handy.

Stay happy, stay safe!

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