Master Lock Vs Brinks: Which Is a Better Brand?

master lock vs brinks

Both Master Lock and Brinks are doing business in the security industry for a very long time. Customers often face a dilemma while choosing a lock between these two brands. 

So, Master Lock vs Brinks, which one should you choose? 

The Brinks has a wider range of home and commercial locks than Master Lock. Unlike Brinks, Master Lock only manufactures basic locks without much innovation. Picking on Master Lock is easier than Brinks due to the weaker core type. The digits printed on Master lock combination locks are bigger and bolder than Brinks that wear out less frequently. 

To know the differences between them in detail, keep reading. 

Master Lock Vs Brinks: Quick Comparison 

Before jumping on the in-depth discussion, here is a quick comparison table on Brinks locks vs Master Lock. Have a look. 

Features Master LockBrinks
OriginAmerican company founded in 1921American company founded in 1859
Home & personal Locks Lock Combination, Laminated, Portable Adjustable Shackle lock, Resettable Combination Lock Box, Vinyl Wrapped Shackle, Door Security Bar
Commercial & Business LockCombination, Laminated, Portable Steel Hasp, Laminated Steel Weather Resistant Padlock,  Puck Lock, Steel Double Hinge Hasp
Storage LockNot available Available 
Padlock Core Type4-pin core without security pins5-pin core with spools
Picking difficulty Less More 
Material Quality Stainless Steel, Aluminium Stainless steel  
Number Printing Bigger and Bolder Smaller and Thinner 

If this quick comparison picked your interest to know more, go to the next segment. 

Master Lock Vs Brinks: In-Depth Comparison

Now, let’s have a detailed discussion and find out if brinks or master lock is better.

brinks locks vs master lock


Master Lock was founded in 1921 whereas Brink’s company was founded in 1859. Both are well-known manufacturers of locks and have been doing their business successfully for a very long time. 

Home & Personal Locks Lock:

Brinks has a wider range of home and personal locks than Master Lock. Master Lock only manufactures three basic types of locks for home and personal use, namely combination locks, laminated steel locks, and portable locks. 

Brinks manufacture all these types of basic locks and more. For example, Brinks has an adjustable shackle lock where you can adjust the shackle length as per your need. 

The Resettable Combination Lock Box and Vinyl Wrapped Shackle key box of Brinks is also very beneficial. They will safeguard your key if you need to keep them outside the house. 

Also, the door security bar of Brinks is a handy product to safeguard the door from the inside, especially if someone is alone at home. In Master Lock, you won’t find these unique lock types. 

For the main door of your house, you should choose a more secure lock. Choose the lock type for your home wisely and avoid theft. 

Commercial & Business Lock:

Brinks has a wider product range than Master Lock in the commercial and business sections as well. Brinks make the same three common types of locks even for commercial and business purposes. But in Brinks, there are impressive variations. 

Apart from regular padlocks, Brinks has steel hasp and double steel hinge hasps. These high-cut resistance hasps provide a moderate level of security in any kind of door or toolbox. 

According to the manufacturer, if you pair them with a commercial-grade padlock, the security will be highly ensured. And for your sheds, vans, moving trucks, and commercial sliding doors, the Brink’s puck lock is a good choice. 

Storage Lock:

The Brinks offers some special kinds of storage locks that are not available in Master Lock. These locks are discus padlocks. Discus padlocks are more secure than regular padlocks as the shack is rounded. So, it is more complicated to cut the shackle. 

If you are looking for the best lock for your pods, Brinks is a good choice. 

Padlock Core Type:

Master Lock and Brinks have different core types. Let’s take an example of a 50mm padlock from both brands.

The 50mm Laminated Steel Padlock of a Master Lock has a 4-pin core with no security pins. So, replicating the key of this lock is easier. 

On the other hand, the Brinks 50mm Laminated Steel Padlock has a 5-pin core with spools. So, it is more difficult to replicate the key for this lock than Master Lock. 

So, in the discussion of Brinks vs Master Lock padlock core type, the Brink wins. 

Picking Difficulty:

The Brinks locks are slightly more difficult to pick than Master Lock due to the core type. The spools inside the lock make it difficult for a pry bar and hook to unlock the lock. However, in reality, padlocks from both brands are very easy to pick. 

Here’s a video showing the comparison of lockpicking of Master Lock and Brinks 50mm steel padlock. [952] Master Lock vs. Brinks — 50mm Laminated Steel Padlocks

If you are concerned about lockpicking, you might go for a more secure lock. For example, a Tubular lock. These are hard to pick. And a tubular lock might get stuck halfway through the process.

Material Quality:

The lock material quality of Brinks is better than the quality of Master Lock. Both locks come in different materials. But if we take an example of a padlock from both brands, the Brink provides better materials.

Brinks padlock is made of stainless steel including the back covering. On the other hand, even though the body of the Master Lock padlock is made of stainless steel, the back covering is aluminum. 

As a result, it is easier to break. And it wears out easily as well. You can even cut these padlocks with bolt cutters

Number Printing:

In the combination locks of the Master lock, the digits are printed in bolder and bigger fonts than Brinks Lock. As a result, it’s easier to see the keypad while entering the pin on the Master Lock combinations. 

Also, as the Brink combination lock, the fonts are thinner, they fade away pretty easily. So, it is difficult to use these locks for a long time. 

Master Lock Vs Brinks: Which Brand To Choose?

If you want a combination lock that can be used for a very long time, you should go for Master Lock. And for all other concerns, Brinks is a better choice. You will get a wider range of locks, the material is better so it’s difficult to break. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Master Lock is Best?

Among all master Lock locks, the ProSeries Combination Lock is considered the best one. This lock is made with a solid brass body and the shackle is made with extra-thick steel. There is no keyhole in this lock so lock-picking is more difficult. 

What do I do if I lose my Master Lock key?

If you lost a master lock key, you can buy a duplicate or replacement key from a hardware store or locksmith. However, to obtain a duplicate key, you need to remember the key number. If you don’t remember it, have a locksmith unlock the lock manually. 

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Lock?

Deadbolt lock is the most popular type of lock because of its security. This lock is very difficult to pick or break. Also, combination locks, cam locks, electronic locks, and glass door locks are also very popular.


That’s all about the Master Lock vs Brinks discussion. Hopefully, your decision-making process will be easier after reading this article. 

Remember that both brands make locks for mid-level security. If you have to safeguard highly-valuable things, go for more secure options. 

Let’s end our discussion here. Have a great day!

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