How to Reset Fingerprint Door Lock: 2 Must-try Methods!

How to Reset Fingerprint Door Lock

The fingerprint door lock is one of the incredible inventions of modern technologyIt reads the fingerprint from each angle with more details. So unwanted third-party entry isn’t allowed. In this lock system, the user can input multiple fingerprints and reset them anytime. Want to learn how to reset fingerprint door lock?

Most of the finger print door lock comes with the resetting button, the reset button can be found inside the battery compartment. Click and hold the reset button for 10 to 20 second and it will reset your finger print door lock. Once resetting is done, rescan fingerprint or enter the new administrator password to take effect.

However, depending on the locks brand and type, the resetting process can vary. You must read this article, where I will also cover in-details guidelines for resetting different types of locks. So, let’s get ready to dig in!

How To Reset Fingerprint Padlock?

There can be several probable motives for resetting the intelligent door lock. Whatever the reasons are, the owners can reset fingerprints anytime they want. There are not too many steps, so this is not time-consuming. 

In two ways, fingerprint resetting is possible; follow the instructions to know how to reset fingerprint padlock.

Method-1: Factory or Master Reset 

Almost all intelligent door locks sustain the reset procedure. The technique is immensely facile, but after the reset, the user has to readjust all the entrance access fingerprints, the Bluetooth connection, and the Wi-Fi.

Step-1: Remove the Cover and Battery

Dispel the metal battery cover on the back with the help of a screwdriver if your device needs that. Remove all the batteries or only one for a fresh start, but this battery removing step is skippable. Now, let’s put back the batteries after 10 seconds. 

Step-2: Reset Button

Put the battery back and tap on the Set button for 10 seconds until you hear the beep and see the red light. The process will activate the factory reset and remove all the previous connections and settings.

Step-3: Display Light Up

The display password screen will load, and don’t press on anything until the whole row lighting up ends.

Step-4: Password

Enter the default password, and it is available in the user guidebook; if the book is lost, try 123456 or 000000, as these are the universal smart lock default password. Now set a new password for backup, and this is mandatory. 

Step-5: Adjust the Password

From the settings option, readjust the fingerprints according to the owner’s preference. 

Method-2: Fingerprint Reset from Alternative Device

The user can also reset the padlock using another mobile phone or computer device. The user just has to install the app lock application from the online store, which is free. 

All kinds of smart door locks have individual application systems to operate the device using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through this, the owner can also lock the door being away from the door and can also check the lock position. 

Step-1: Login to the Account

From the other device, login to your smart-lock account and input the password to go in into settings.

Step-2: Disable and Reset Password

Now disable the fingerprint and put it on the reset option. Go to the front of the door. Put the finger on the screen and confirm the password.

This system will keep the earlier connected devices like Alexa, Google, and other devices. But this is the optional user can remove all the connected devices. This process will only work when the two devices are within 60 feet of the Bluetooth range.

How do I Reset My Fingerprint Door Handle?

There are mainly two ways of resetting fingerprint door handle . If your fingerprint door lock comes with smart functionality, you Log in to your account and click “forgot password” to generate a new password.

The second option is to restore the factory default password. This method is capable of resetting nearly all locks. Here, we’ll show you how to use this method to reset the password on your fingerprint door lock. 

1. Find the reset key 

Slide the cover-up to see the back of your lock, revealing the buttons beneath, and unlock the door with your fingerprint. 

A small button can be found near the battery. The reset button is located on the top-left of it. Different locks may have different positions. Some locks put it at the bottom right corner. However, you can find it easily. 

2. Reset the password 

Now press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds until the lock beeps. When the lock light flashes red, it’ll indicate to you that you have successfully set the factory defaults. 

3. Set a new password

The fingerprint door lock has now been reprogrammed and is ready to use. Input the default passwords first (default password comes with the lock manual) and end with the # symbol, such as 123456#, it’ll reset it.

How to Install Fingerprint Door lock?

Biometric or fingerprint door locks are available in a pulp. So at a first look, it may give a mind mess reaction, but the installation process is convenient. The owner doesn’t require any help from a hardware expert. 

When choosing the intelligent door lock, always try to pick the alarm door lock, and the rest is the owner’s choice. But the many safety options ensure a tension-free stay. 

Multiple types of fingerprint door locks are available in the online shop and the local hardware store, so pick the most suitable and start the installation process: 

Step-1: Adjust the Hole

If the previous deadbolt’s whole is not enough to adjust the biometric lock, then set the hole according to the shape demand. The deadbolt needs to adjust at the edge of the door, so make sure the hole is perfect.

Step-2: Install the Deadbolt

Input the lock into the hole, and it is supposed to be very tight; if it gets loose or not tight enough, then the system will not work. 

Now tighten the screws with a driver and keep tightening it as long as the driver keeps turning.

Let’s fix the upper metal plate on the door lock from both sides again and screw it very tight.

Step-3: Screen Lock Installation

Next, fix the backplate, and install the LED screen lock pad on the outside door. Almost all the smart lock comes with a small shade that protects the screen from getting wet through water; adjusting it is not mandatory as it is already waterproof. But if the owner prefers, then it’s easy to install.

How I Set My Fingerprint on Door Lock?

  • Install the battery according to the size. Now power on the door lock by pressing the set button, which is available under the battery.
  • From the display, go to the settings option and tap on the security or password option. 
  • Select the password option and input a pin as an alternative entry. Now set the fingerprint. The owner can put multiple fingerprints in a single door lock and change them 40 times in a month. 

How to Open Fingerprint Door Lock?

A fingerprint smart door lock is a keyless entry system with more secure privacy. After the installation process, the entry will be smooth and not time-consuming anymore. Just touching the finger on the screen will be enough to enter the property. 

However, if your fingerprint door lock does not open even after scanning the right finger print ( because of lock malfunction), you can try different types of life hack method to unlock the lock.

How Safe is the Fingerprint Door Lock?

how to reset fingerprint door lock

Having a fingerprint lock installed on your front door will eliminate carrying a bulk set of keys. Plus, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your physical keys and having them replaced.

Some fingerprint locks even have remote access capabilities. The lock may be connected to your smartphone and controlled from afar via an app on your phone.

So, yes. Fingerprint locks, like any other smart door lock, increase security in your house or office. The locks, however, are not totally impervious to burglary because they can be circumvented using forcible entry techniques.

On the other hand, not all fingerprint locks on the market provide the same level of protection. So, if you care about your home’s security, you should invest in one that does. While a fingerprint lock makes it easier to enter your home or property, make sure you’re not sacrificing security in exchange for other benefits.

How Long Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Last?

The lifespan of fingerprint locks varies depending on the brand, usage, and other factors. On the other hand, a fingerprint door lock can last up to 2 years before displaying indications of wear and tear. Don’t be concerned, though.

Some fingerprint locks last longer than two years, depending on your budget. If you want a long-lasting fingerprint lock, you may need to raise your spending.

How long your lock can last before you need to replace it is also determined by its usage. The lifespan of the lock may be shortened if it is used on commercial doors with high traffic. Additionally, regular maintenance might help your door lock last longer.

Did I Answer Everything You Needs TO Know About How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock?

Once a user sets the password, they can move anywhere without carrying any key. Users can leave the place without locking as the auto timer itself will lock the door after a specific time, and they can allow access to selected people. 

But there is a bit of confusion about fingerprint resetting. That’s why this article has cleared the expected query about how to reset fingerprint door lock. The intelligent door lock guarantees extra protection to the personal belongings and keeps the owner tension-free from losing any key!

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